• Voice

    CTI can help you upgrade your existing telephone systems, install video conferencing systems, develop advanced communications services, and to easily integrate your telephone network with information systems.

  • DATA

    CTI is a professional and experienced service team that provides installation, consulting services and on-going support for your IT and networking infrastructure.

  • Nationwide Services

    CTI is a leading provider of Chicago IT services, but our reach extends beyond Chicago to provide businesses nationwide with network support, including solutions for network cabling, hardware, IT storage and mobility.

  • Network Services

    Engage CTI to provide your network services-from setting up to monitoring your network-including best value security and reliability implementation to serve your business needs.

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    Low Voltage Wiring

    We, at CTI, have significant experience and professional background to ensure smooth running of your computer network in the business. You can leverage our extensive low-voltage wiring experience that we have gained from other installations.

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    Maintenance & Support

    CTI's maintenance and support is the regular healthchecks to keep your IT systems in order. We provide complete maintenance and support services to your computer systems, networks, servers, workstations, networks, telephones and audio/video equipments

Empower your business infrastructure with CTI Computer Services Chicago

As information technology moved towards becoming an integrated service, companies face a tough time handling this innovation with limited resources. The rapid development in the information technology has brought about revolutionary changes to business processes. The success of many businesses can be attributed to the quick and effective implementation of IT solutions into business workflow procedures. While integrating computer services into your business infrastructure brings agility and higher levels of productivity, the complexity in managing the entire computer infrastructure and making it future-proof is a challenging task for many entrepreneurs. CTI offers high quality IT solutions that can empower your business infrastructure to deliver higher service levels. Here are some of the awesome features that can empower your business infrastructure:

Integrated Computer Services

The initial goal of introduction of IT services into the business infrastructure was cost reduction. Though the productivity levels increased, it was not enough to meet growing business needs in this competitive world. CTI Computer Services Chicago offers comprehensive IT solutions that integrate your entire business infrastructure into a single entity to deliver higher levels of agility and productivity while optimizing every available resource.

Maintenance and Support

With computers becoming an inevitable part of every business procedure, there is a greater need for a system that efficiently manages the entire IT infrastructure to produce consistent results. CTI Computer Services Chicago offers reliable support for the entire IT infrastructure, right from servers, workstations, desktops and laptops to the entire communications system. The highly experienced staff at CTI possesses great expertise in creating durable computer networks that use world class technologies. This valuable experience helps Chicago-based CTI staff provide your company with reliable support and maintenance of your network system.

CTI Chicago offers highly reliable computer support and maintenance in three levels:

Server, Backup, and Email Support

Cloud computing technology has revolutionized the way information technology works. The resilient networks that use high-end data solutions like server virtualization and automatic orchestration offer highly scalable data solutions to businesses. Though companies can reap huge benefits from cloud computing infrastructure, managing this innovative technology needs higher levels of expertise. Only a few companies in Chicago can efficiently manage complex computer technologies. CTI is the leader among them. While your network infrastructure is set up to work at optimal levels, the 24/7 networking monitoring team ensures that your business infrastructure always produces effective results.

Backup monitoring is another important feature that makes CTI unique among other computer service providers not only in Chicago but nationwide as well. Automatic backups are scheduled and performed every day to protect your critical data competently. By identifying sources of potential data crashes, the CTI team ensures that data crashes do not recur. Disaster management operates efficiently to ensure that data management solutions continue to work at optimal levels. Effective communication is the key to creating sales from opportunities. CTI Chicago offers high quality email support to keep your communications systems up and running twenty-four hours a day.

Flexible Support Services

At the second level, CTI Chicago offers flexible support packages that enable companies to choose the required service to fit their business work flow procedures. The versatile range of IT solutions offered by CTI is designed to cater to the computer needs of companies of all sizes. As each company uses specific workflow procedures, CTI offers customized computer support that enables companies to create a support package tailor made to serve their specific purposes.

Total IT Support

At the third level, CTI offers managed IT Services to provide complete support for the entire IT infrastructure. Companies that would like to leverage their resources by creating highly scalable networks that can deliver higher levels of productivity can take advantage of complete IT support offered by Services Chicago Company. The integration of IT and networking solutions enables companies located in Chicago and across the nation to increase the scalability of business processes while optimizing the infrastructure to reduce operational costs.

Backed by a versatile range of IT support solutions, CTI Chicago takes pride in offering several choices to companies. Businesses can choose a customized support package designed for their unique business needs. The company aims to provide highly scalable and durable networks that run smoothly to leverage your resources and bring in more returns on your investment.

Quick Resolutions to Complex Issues

The expertise in creating complex networks that integrates business procedures puts your company ahead of the competition. The same expertise is displayed while resolving technical computer issues of every kind. Be it email problems, file-server failure or data crashes, the support team responds quickly to make sure that your business service levels are not affected. While Chicago-based CTI offers on-site computer support, companies can also take advantage of email, phone or remote support to keep the business infrastructure working smoothly.

Nationwide Support Service

While delivering reliable IT Services to Chicago, CTI offers a nationwide support and maintenance service to deliver quick and efficient resolutions to technical issues anywhere in the world. The striking feature of CTI nationwide computer services is the integration of the support network in Chicago and spanning across the nation. The single point of contact for nationwide support and maintenance service enables you to get the required computer support from a team nearest to you quickly. The real assets of CTI Computer Solutions Chicago are the highly experienced support teams.

Take pride in being a part of Chicago-based CTI support and maintenance network. Empower your business infrastructure with CTI maintenance and support service to keep your business running seamlessly.

CTI Business Phone System Chicago

CTI Business Phone System Chicago can help you to upgrade your existing telephone systems, install video conferencing systems, and develop your own advanced communications services. Easily integrate your telephone network with company information systems and help increase user adoption of the new systems and services, therefore expediting return on investment. With a nationwide technician base and outstanding 24/7 support, we provide high-quality on-and off-site voice communication services.