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Avaya Aura = Enterprise Telephony

AVAYA Aura is a versatile business communications platform that delivers real-time communications to an enterprise with high level of reliability and security. Aura enables easy collaboration at lower cost by redefining existing voice and video communication architecture including multi-vendor networks.  Avaya Aura incorporates enterprise-wide SIP architecture as well as instant detection of users’ presence across devices and applications.  Its user-friendly features are:

  • Simpler deployment and streamlined provision
  • Enterprise-wide dial plans
  • Less complexity

Avaya Aura delivers rich communication, collaboration and mobility capabilities to remote offices including, for example, retail stores, bank branches, government branches and healthcare clinics. It is available in three pre-packaged software editions such as branch, standard and enterprise editions.

AVAYA Aura supports the following functionalities to its enterprise customers:

Enterprise-wide on demand unified communications:

Avaya Aura and applications are available to employees across the business. Applications are customized to the users based on their needs and profiles.

Enterprise-wide presence:

Multiple modes of communication such as such as voice, email, IM, and video are available depending on user’s availability and current activity. Aggregated view of users across devices and multi-vendor applications are available.

Multivendor interoperability:

Implements SIP routing across CISCO, Nortel and vendor PBXs along with integrating legacy TDM systems with cost effective SIP gateways.

For an enterprise, Avaya Aura delivers goals such as

  • Cost saving by implementing simpler centralized management to optimize the communication network
  • High availability capabilities with the help of redundant media and network paths
  • Deployment of unified communication applications for every type of users and every type of communication
  • Open standard as well as interoperability with Microsoft, IBM and business applications
  • Latest release of communication manager software with seamless upgrade for existing customers.

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Article on: Avaya Aura = Enterprise Telephony


Avaya Aura and applications are available to employees across the business. Applications are customized to the users based on their needs and profiles.

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