When you look at the college landscape today there are several things that become apparent right away. The partying has gotten bigger, students are connected like never before and just about everyone has multiple ways to search the internet.

Ohio University announced that they are taking the next step in a project that will upgrade the wireless network that already exists while bringing the technology to the entire campus. A recent Campus Technology article examined the project and why is was needed.

According to university officials, the current network had become outdated and could no longer handle the traffic that students and faculty were asking of it. Members of the campus community are estimated to have at least two machines – smartphones, tablet or laptop – that can connect to the network and when that is all added up, there can be 32,000 devices looking for access at the same time.

Aside from the total amount of devices looking for access, certain areas of campus like classrooms and dorms experience condensed levels of traffic which was also giving the current network a hard time.

The new system will be an 802.11n wireless LAN with 135 access points to meet the growing demand on the network.

"Wireless is by far the most popular access method on our campus and students are bringing more mobile devices to campus than ever," said Brice Bible, the chief information officer for the University.

The university has already piloted the new system in a handful of academic builds and will be rolling out to the rest of the main campus, athletic facilities and five regional locations by early 2014.

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