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Security Operations Center in Chicago

Security Operations Center (SOC)

CTI provides outsourced managed IT security services and security operation center services for organizations throughout Chicago. Speak with one of our security professionals in Chicago today.

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Computer Shortages Hitting Chicago Businesses Hard

Computer Shortages Hitting Chicago Businesses Hard

As the global chip shortage continues, Chicago businesses will face a lot of challenges. If you rely on microchips to manufacture your products, you’ll experience higher supply costs, affecting your ability to produce the same product volume as you did in previous years

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EHR Security

A Guide to Safeguarding Electronic Health Records

Gone are the days when clinical establishments stored, managed, and retrieved patient data from bulky file folders. The widespread migration from document-based data handling to electronic health records (EHR) is among the remarkable healthcare reforms. Healthcare providers have adopted EHR…

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11 Steps to Make A New Employee Feel Welcomed

Creating a memorable first day for your new-hires doesn’t require an overly elaborate on-boarding program, but you should avoid the common mistakes and issues that plague many on-boarding experiences and lead to poor first impressions. These mishaps include lack of preparation and…

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7 Signs You May Need To Upgrade Your PC

When should you buy a new computer?  It’s actually quite difficult to know. Most of us learn to live with the quirks of our PCs even to the point of embracing its whims. We know which bits work, which bits…

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Make Your Customers Love You Even More

How Can Your Office Technology Make Your Customers Love You More? Most companies operate with the goal of customer satisfaction in mind, but all too many fail to measure up. Gaining the trust of your customers and making positive impressions…

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Insight From Your Chicagoland IT Service Team

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