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Make Your Customers Love You Even More

How Can Your Office Technology Make Your Customers Love You More? Most companies operate with the goal of customer satisfaction in mind, but all too many fail to measure up. Gaining the trust of your customers and making positive impressions…

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Quick Tips for Moving your Business

Moving is backbreaking work that disrupts your everyday life, and nobody likes that. You never knew how much you owned before you had to pack it, lift it, move it, unload it, and unpack it in a new place. As…

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Amplify Employee Communication

Using email to conduct important business always starts with the best intentions – saving everyone time. Just think back to the last time you used email to solve a significant business issue or answer detailed questions from an important customer….

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Why We Standardize Our Technology

At CTI Technology, we standardize the solutions we utilize for our customers so we can master them and bring more potential value. While we are always testing new technologies, we typically opt for widely-used and tested technologies for our clients….

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Top 5 Tech Trends For 2015 [HD Video]

Welcome to the New Year business owners. I have taken the time to identify the top 5 business technology trends that your organization cannot afford to ignore in your strategic planning for 2015! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for…

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3 Tips to Finding That Happy Work Balance

Do we all need to be ‘on’ 24/7? Most would agree that we feel obligated to carry devices everywhere, answer emails after hours, and from vacation. Our vacation bounce-back messages often hint that emails will be checked from time to time,…

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$#%! My Business Phones Have Been Hacked!

PCs and computer servers aren’t the only technology systems hackers stake out. Major data breaches grab headlines, like Home Depot’s recent computer security problems, by virtue of the millions of customers they potentially affect. Small businesses, meanwhile, continue to fall victim…

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Why Should You Outsource Your IT Department?

As you evaluate your choices and decisions in outsourcing your IT operations, you will need to consider the advantages of outsourcing your IT department to a dedicated managed service provider (MSP). When done for the right reasons, going with a MSP…

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The Most Common Workplace Disaster

When you are thinking about adding a disaster protection service, you assume that the worst-case disasters could be a tornado, flood, or even a hurricane. But there is another type of disaster that can strike with no warning whatsoever. This…

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Law Firms vs. the Hackers

Very few law firms will publicly admit to a data breach. In recent studies conducted by Mandiant, a cyber-security firm, estimated that over 80 major U.S. law firms were hacked in 2014 alone. Law firms constantly collect information about their…

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