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Protecting Your Business Against Data Breaches

For many small to mid-sized businesses, the need for security vigilance and data protection is as critical as ever. Cybercriminals are stealing an estimated $1 billion each year from small and medium-sized businesses. With the recent headlines involving three Chinese…

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Which Office 365 Plan Is Right For Our Business?

If you’re looking into Office 365 plans for your organization, it can be a bit confusing trying to tell the differences between them and what makes sense for your business. By working with a trusted partner, like CTI, IT executives…

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Windows 10 Upgrade

It’s never been done before. On July 29, 2015, Windows offered their newest operating system, Windows 10, absolutely free! Not a trial, not a lite version. A full free upgrade. Millions of users all around the world readily took the…

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7 Signs You May Need To Upgrade Your PC

When should you buy a new computer?  It’s actually quite difficult to know. Most of us learn to live with the quirks of our PCs even to the point of embracing its whims. We know which bits work, which bits…

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What is Clutter & How to Disable It on OWA

Clutter is a new mailbox management feature of Office 365 for Business which is also coming to  It can be turned off via a setting in Outlook Web App (OWA) and not from within Outlook (not even Outlook 2016)….

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Windows 10 and Your Business

When Microsoft first announced the development of Windows 10 in January, it was at a consumer-focused publicity event. Microsoft officials highlighted features like a new browser and Photos app with the goal of appealing to a broad consumer audience. As the team…

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Quick Tips for Moving your Business

Moving is backbreaking work that disrupts your everyday life, and nobody likes that. You never knew how much you owned before you had to pack it, lift it, move it, unload it, and unpack it in a new place. As…

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The Death of Windows Server 2003 is Near

With the death of Windows Server 2003 support, are you going to be shouting orders to keep the ship from imploding at the last minute? Windows Server 2003 support is ending in July of 2015. This is less than four months away,…

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Apple Pushes Security Update For OS X

For the first time ever, Apple has pushed out an automatic OS X update to repair a security flaw the company says was too serious too wait for users to patch themselves. The silent security update to Mac OS X users, fixes a…

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