"I love it when a plan comes together."

Fans of the 80s television show – or its recent hollywood movie remake – "The A-Team," know those words to be the catchphrase of group leader Hannibal. However, citizens of Chicago may have also heard them uttered by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, as his plan to create a number of free, public Wi-Fi locations though the city has reached its next step.

Introduced in September, the plan would add wireless internet to public parks, universities and select neighborhoods in a push to turn the city into the digital age. Crain's Chicago Business has a recent article that looks at the plan and the next steps.

"The idea behind what the mayor calls his Broadband Initiative is that Chicago will grow in the 21st century if it keeps its communication networks in world-caliber shape, much like it depended on a top transportation network of roads, railroads and airports in the last century," reads the report.

The report echoes remarks made by Emanuel back in September when the plan was originally announced. According to the mayor, his plan is to turn Chicago into one of the most connected cities in the world. Establishing a world-class broadband network will create thousands of jobs and improve educational opportunities, economic development and overall quality of life.

Now, the deadline for companies to submit their bids has passed and the turnout was impressive. According to executives, 24 companies submitted proposals and the quality has them excited.

While it will still take time for the next steps to be announced, it is clear by the response to the plan that the importance of wireless internet is realized. An IT consulting firm can help audit a business's existing network and ensure it is up to challenge of current workflow.

Chicago’s plan to add free Wi-Fi to a number of public places has taken its next step towards becoming reality.

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