CTI Technology Offers Managed IT Services For Churches & Religious Organizations Throughout Chicago

Religious organizations are often pillars of strength and guidance for their communities. For example, the Sisters of St. Francis – an Indiana-based Franciscan mission that’s been operating for more than 100 years – provides a wide range of services, including child care, library work, and justice ministry in addition to high school, collegiate, and adult and special education.

Naturally, an organization of this kind that is so interwoven into the lives of its community requires a technological infrastructure strong enough to support all the communication needs of its various departments.

However, staff recognized that a dated dial-up system was causing all processes to be done at painfully low speeds. At the same time, the rigidity of the network left communications disabled should multiple individuals attempt to access it simultaneously.

In response, the organization turned to a managed IT service to analyze the holes in its existing technology and to recommend and design solutions to foster future innovation and growth.

Once the IT consultants were on site, it was determined that the organization was paying an exorbitant fee for an antiquated system that did not have nearly enough processing power to handle its requirements.

The IT consultants then developed various solutions, implementing hundreds more gigabytes of memory and new server hard drives so the organization could hold and process more information without slowing down. New firewalls and antivirus software were integrated into the system as well to prevent the likelihood of a data breach or information loss.

The end result was that the Sisters of St. Francis became more stable and secure. To enhance the performance capability of any organization in Illinois, a Chicago IT consulting firm such as CTI Technology can similarly assist with network analysis, product implementation, and ongoing support.

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