In business, it's critical for owners to stay on the cutting edge. This means continually refining even popular products and services so that the competition is always kept at bay. Since companies take this approach with their customer services, they should also invest in similar methods that can help their employees perform more easily and productively. This is especially true when the competition is making this type of investment.

For example, a 2011 survey by CompTIA found that 56 percent of the 500 businesses and IT professionals said they would increase their investment in cloud computing by more than 10 percent by 2012. As a result, companies that want their workforce to continue their past excellence should consider investing in cloud computing solutions provided by an experienced and recommended national organization such as CALLTELE. Since the company specializes in VoIP telephony systems and VoIP business phones, partnering with this provider can also help businesses upgrade the accessibility of their phone service.

The productivity benefits of CALLTELE's cloud computing solutions
Besides benefiting the entity's bottom line, cloud computing helps its employees stay organized. The advantages of establishing cloud computing in a workplace include the option to grant your employees access to their work data from any PC. This is particularly handy for businesses with workers that routinely perform tasks from different offices or even different parts of the country altogether.

Similarly, businesses that use high-quality Miami or Chicago phone systems can utilize the cloud to give their employees access to their business phone systems wherever they are. This allows freelancers or workers who need a day at home to access their business voicemail or dial out from their work phone.

The providers that give companies this option also serve as an degree of security, ensuring businesses won't lose any important data as a result of a hard drive crash. But, with so many companies to choose from, smart business owners should choose a provider with a strong industry reputation such as CALLTELE.

The business benefits of CALLTELE's cloud computing solutions
Due to recent advances in computer technology, it is now possible for businesses to host data without the high upfront costs of hosting a server. Many businesses have avoided adding a server due to the unpredictable economy, long transition process and difficult installation this type of service offered – despite the direct benefits it could provide. However, cloud computing solutions can now remove many of the negatives businesses associated with this process.

With cloud computing, businesses only pay for the services they use. Even five years ago, companies needed to purchase a server with a size that was in line for its predictions of future growth and current budget. Now, budgets can be allocated to the service and space that's needed, allowing companies to maximize their IT investments.

How CALLTELE can provide cloud computing solutions
CALLTELE works with businesses nationwide to establish VoIP telephony services that meet their client's needs. As such, organizations that choose CALLTELE will be gaining the services of a company that knows how to match the correct service to their customers. Part of this comes from the company's dedication to correctly determining a business' needs, whether this means suggesting the best ShoreTel, Allworx, Adtran, Avaya or Lifesize products.

Armed with this assessment, CALLTELE can keep a business up-to-date on the latest developments in cloud technology or help manage its infrastructure. While the feature may seem like an added burden for a small business' IT personnel, CALLTELE offers nationwide support for their products. Due to this added ability, CALLTELE can quickly help companies that experience problems with cloud computing and ensure they are diagnosed and fixed properly.

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