When you are thinking about adding a disaster protection service, you assume that the worst-case disasters could be a tornado, flood, or even a hurricane. But there is another type of disaster that can strike with no warning whatsoever. This disaster is called the human error. Human error is, by far, the most common and most frequent cause of business disasters. By definition, human errors are unintentional. Since they occur randomly, the overall impact on your business operations will be negligible.

Having a disaster recovery plan can ensure that everyone knows their role in a high-pressure situation, and that operations can resume smoothly. And the more you prepare in advance, the lower your costs will be.

There have been a number of major studies that have consistently shown that anywhere from 60 to 80% of all corporate data loss can be attributed directly to human error. In our opinion, this is one of the most important areas that companies should focus upon within their disaster planning strategy.


(c) E. Smith

(c) E. Smith

Some of the most important human-related threats to consider are the following:

  • Hacking, DDoS, or data theft
  • Accidentally losing backup tapes, or performing backups improperly
  • Deleting files by accident
  • An employee speaking to the press without company authorization
  • Attacks on public services such as water, food, transportation or utilities
  • Arson
  • Product tampering or targeted external attacks on your company
  • Extortion or threats
  • Workplace accidents causing injury or death
  • Loss of a key employee requiring urgent action
  • Social engineering, where an employee is tricked into helping a criminal harm your organization or obtain sensitive information
  • Fraud, embezzlement or theft


Here at CTI Technology we understand that disaster planning can be a pretty challenging process. Not only does your business continuity and disaster recovery plan need to encompass the most critical business processes across each department, but this plan must also be thorough enough that it contains instructions for any other possible type of disaster that your company might encounter. CTI can play a significant role in delivering you cloud, and virtualization services to eliminate the downtime when that disaster hits. We can keep your company moving forward during the recovery process!