Clutter is a new mailbox management feature of Office 365 for Business which is also coming to  It can be turned off via a setting in Outlook Web App (OWA) and not from within Outlook (not even Outlook 2016). Leaving it on however may filter important emails without you even knowing. So let’s take some time to understand the Clutter feature, and what does it do.

What is Clutter anyway?

Clutter analyzes how you process all your email and moves the “unimportant stuff” out of your Inbox folder and places that into the Clutter folder. In theory, this should leave you with an emptier and distraction-free Inbox folder containing only high priority emails and emails which interest you more.

So basically, the Clutter folder is your “second-tier” Inbox folder containing emails that you usually ignore.

Clutter vs Junk E-mail

Clutter defers from Junk E-mail by the fact that it is coming from valid sources and/or people that you’ve interacted with before. Therefore, the message isn’t unsolicited (Junk E-mail) but it could still be low priority to you (Clutter).

For instance; Newsletters that you’ve signed up for yourself or messages from Groups that you are a part of, aren’t spam (although they might end up in the Junk E-mail folder) but it could be low-priority to you so it will end up in your Clutter folder.

Turning Clutter on or off

If you only receive a handful of emails per day, Clutter might not be for you as it is probably more work for you to check 2 folders then. But if you are receiving more than 50 emails per day leaving Clutter on, or turning it on if it is currently off, might be a real time-saver after some training (this really only gets as time goes by).

If you wish to turn off these feature, please download our free step-by-step document that shoes you how to turn off this feature.

Disable Clutter on Office 365 – CTI Technology

How To Disable To Option Of Clutter By Using OWA Client

Login to Office 365 portal and access your mailbox using the mail icon



Choose the setting icon and the option menu


On the left menu bar, choose the Clutter menu

Choose the option – Don’t separate items identified as clutter

Click on the Save option


Note – in the current time, there is no option for disable the clutter option using the Outlook mail client
We hope that you find this guide helpful on how to disable clutter from your OWA account.


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