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Google looking to fight iPhone with “X Phone”

The mobile device market has been booming as of late. For many, Apple's iPhone is still the pinnacle of the technology but Android, Microsoft and Research and Motion have done their best to dethrone the champ. Now, however, there may be a new challenger that could shake-up the landscape.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, Google and Motorola are planning an "X Phone" to combat the iPhone. Google purchased Motorola seven months ago for $12.5 billion and now engineers are designing the smartphone. There is also mention of a potential "X Tablet," which would be a logical step considering the popularity of the devices.

The story also mentions that Motorola is having problems with the supply chain and manufacturing. They are struggling with some of the enhanced features that are affecting battery life. On top of that, Google is walking a fine line to maintain existing relationships.

"Meanwhile, Google must manage complex relationships with smartphone makers that use its Android mobile-device software – particularly with Samsung Electronics Co., a Motorola rival that has become the No. 1 smartphone maker with Google's help," the WSJ article said.

The mobile device marketplace is turning into quite the battle ground and consumers and businesses are reaping the benefits. As each company looks to outdo the other with new hardware, software and services, the public becomes the beneficiary of innovation.

As far as the potential of the "X Phone" is concerned, the reason for excitement is grounded in reality. Google is responsible for the of the most relied on application and Web apps and the company's backing could give Motorola the tools to handle any challenge.

When the device comes to fruition, many IT departments will need to make sure they can incorporate it into an existing infrastructure. An IT consulting firm like CTI Technology can make sure businesses never miss a beat in its bring-your-own-device strategy.

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