A Managed IT Service Provider is a third-party organization that manages all IT services for a company, such as its infrastructure, security, network, remote monitoring (RMM), applications, etc. All Managed IT Service Providers offer different resources, services, and tools that may positively or negatively impact the clients’ experience depending on if the chosen IT provider is a good fit for the needs of the client. It is essential to select an experienced and trusted Managed IT Service Provider. A partnership will be built and maintained for the long haul in which both parties implement and strive for the same goals and objectives. It is also essential to inquire about the specific industry(s) that the Managed IT Service Provider specializes in. For example, CTI Technology specializes in Healthcare, legal services, manufacturing, distribution, etc. Depending on the level of experience that the Managed IT Service Provider has, this will play a critical role in the partnership’s success.

If a Managed IT Service Provider is familiar with the client’s legal guidelines, they can offer more relatable and beneficial services to the client. For example, in Healthcare, an annual HIPAA Security Risk Assessment is required for insurance purposes. If the client has a trusted partnership with a Managed IT Service Provider who already has experience in Healthcare, the HIPAA Security Risk Assessment may be performed as an additional service instead of seeking a separate organization to fulfill these insurance guidelines. Before signing a Service Level Agreement (SLA), be sure to inquire about any other services offered in the specific industry, as this may be the determining factor when choosing a partnership with a Managed IT Service Provider.

Suppose a company is debating whether they should keep their onsite IT staff or switch to a Managed IT Service Provider. In this case, it is not discouraged to have employees onsite performing IT duties such as break-fix type issues and necessary computer repairs and maintenance. However, keeping onsite IT staff tends to be a more costly option due to employee benefits, level of experience, and whether they can react promptly in the event of a catastrophe occurring. When hiring a third-party Managed IT Service Provider, it will guarantee high-level, experienced engineers capable of resolving any complex issue that may arise. Having a strong partnership established with a Managed IT Service Provider will ensure confidence in knowing that you have what you need to protect the organization from any threats or network outages. Also, most local Managed IT Service Providers will offer the option to have an onsite employee perform scheduled visits depending on the Service Level Agreement (SLA) agreed upon, which is usually a more cost-effective option.

It is imperative to be proactive and implement reliable security measures before any malicious activity should occur in an organization. When a company does not recognize the importance of protecting their data, this could be detrimental to the business, especially if a hacker requests a ransomware payment that cannot be fulfilled. The most common occurrence for a malicious activity generally happens through human error. Managed IT Service Providers typically assist in educating staff to help avoid malicious activity from entering the network as they continue to protect the back end with the proper security measures in place.

Choosing the right Managed IT Service Provider will always bring consistent management and oversight of the entire network. The top five recommendations for choosing a Managed IT Service Provider are:

  • Experience in the desired industry
  • Located within 45 miles of headquarters 
  • Invests in internal staff and operational procedures to ensure consistent delivery 
  • Track and share openly their client’s CSAT Scores
  • Provides Quarterly Business Reviews to strategically plan future goals and partnership improvements

Knowing how to implement a robust IT strategy can be difficult. Consistent guidance delivered by an experienced and trusted IT staff will increase the company’s operational stability, efficiency, security and be more cost-effective. Business owners have enough to do while running their business; they should not need to spend additional time following up on computer and equipment maintenance. Allowing a trusted third-party IT company such as CTI Technology to implement an IT strategy and discuss its upkeep will bring excellent value to the organization’s stability and growth. No business should run the high risk of being vulnerable while using the dangerous internet. Choosing the right Managed IT Service Provider is a critical decision that will have a felt impact on your business and each of your employees, so choose wisely!

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