Regardless of the size of a particular company, its owners are likely aware of the benefits of quality customer service that outpaces the competition. Even in competitive industries such as the personal computer and software industry, established brand names are always looking to improve the quality of this service, as it can be key to securing new customers.

For example, Microsoft recently announced a new service called Answer Desk that is currently available at Microsoft Store outlets, according to tech industry news source CNET. The company hopes this service will be more user-friendly than others, as it promises to rely less on the technical jargon that can bog down and extend conversations.

With tools to help customers improve their virus protection, maximize their PC’s performance and minimize their downtime, Microsoft is looking to craft an online service that is geared toward PC users with less experience troubleshooting their devices, something it believes will help it better compete against Apple and the industry’s other top performers.

After selecting the kind of question or advice they need from a large list, the free service allows customers to talk to support reps. This can be handy for problems that fall under the more general categories above, however, for more specific problems, customers may need to pay for $99 for an hour of the Premium Software Support service – which can tackle printing and scanning issues, internet connectivity problems or virus removal.

Depending on the company business owners have, satisfying new customers may be a wise investment in the long-term, as it can create lifelong clients. However, to support this kind of advanced multimedia contact center, businesses need to invest in VoIP business phone that can allow them to deal with high call volumes without frequent drops and other potentially negative miscues.

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