When will the new iPhone 6 be released? How will it look? Apple’s iPhone 6 has been one of the most rumored and speculated devices out there so far. We have compiled the rumors and leaks to paint a picture of the next iPhone 6.

Two iPhone 6s are set to be released (the best industry guess so far is Tuesday, September 9th). Device size seems to be the only major difference currently in play. One will be 4.7 inches, and the other 5.5 inches – rumored to be called the iPhone Air. The 4.7 inch version is a slight bump from their standard 4 inch model, but the 5.5 inch device will be more in the realm of a phablet (phone/tablet) to compete with the current Androids on the market. Introducing two different sizes gives users a choice now – from the people who like the compact, fit-in-your-pocket size, to others that want a better browsing experience.

We may see a slimmer build and curved design based on leaked schematics. There are also rumors that the iPhone 6 could run the newly announced iOS 8. Both models may be built with Apple’s True Tone flash, introduced last year with the iPhone 5s. The dual-LED setup gives a more natural look to photos in low-light settings.

The hype is building from all of the speculation and leaked information on Apple’s iPhone 6 and the rumored release date is soon upon us. What is the cost of the new iPhone 6? Only one can guess, but it probably will be the priciest iPhone to date – the best guesses so far are around $800 without contract. The iPhone 5s without contract is $649. Only time will tell!

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