At CTI Technology, we offer IT consulting in Schaumburg. As part of our goal to make sure all potential clients are well-informed about IT security and IT services, we’ve come up with this little guide on how you can secure your business from any IT-related threats. Read on:

Filtering and Firewalls

First and foremost, one of the most effective ways to prevent issues in your business’ IT is by performing the right kind of filtering. Good spam filtering will prevent malicious emails from getting through and onto the desk of your employees, and good web filtering will also prevent those same employees from accidentally wandering into virus-laden websites and services that could jeopardize your business.

Another strong solution is, of course, a firewall. Firewalls have been synonymous with Internet security for the longest time, and while they obviously don’t protect against everything, making sure only authorized people and devices can access your network is a good way to start preventing breaches. Other common solutions, like antivirus and anti-malware software, also goes a long way toward preventing the spread of infections on your network.

BDR and Patch Management

BDR, or Backup and Disaster Recovery, is establishing a system that ensures your data is regularly backed up to a secure and external location, typically the cloud. BDR also has local backup storage working for it. By implementing a full BDR solution, businesses can maintain full business continuity even in the case of a disaster or system failure, since they’ll have backups readily available to put them right back where they left off. BDR is absolutely vital for ensuring the security of business and customer data, so make sure you don’t skimp on it!

Patch management is another way that businesses can “act ahead” on IT security. As a business providing IT consulting in Schaumburg, patch management is how we describe our practice of maintaining an IT infrastructure to prevent most failures and issues in the first place. The best medicine is prevention, and that’s what any good IT service provider will try to provide you.

Encryption and Two-Factor Authentication

Of course, where would we be without encryption? Strong encryption ensures that even if, say, a drive is stolen, none of the information in it will be accessible without knowing one or multiple authentication keys. It also ensures that even if a virus or intruder manages to steal your data, they won’t be able to actually read or use it. Encryption of your business data and communications ensures both the privacy and safety of your business, so it’s highly recommended for any business that you take the extra step to ensure your data is safe.

Technologies like two-factor authentication further increase security by ensuring that a password alone isn’t enough to break into a system.

Training and More

Last but not least, simply training against common techniques used to circumvent security measures goes a long way. By making sure your staff is educated and knows how to avoid being tricked into giving out vital information, you can ensure that your system doesn’t even have a human weakness to exploit.

If you’re in need of a reliable IT consulting in Schaumburg and would like to know more about business security, feel free to contact us at CTI Technology today!

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