Managed IT Services & Support

Managed IT Services

The success of many businesses can be attributed to the quick and effective implementation of IT solutions into business workflow procedures. Only a few companies in Chicago can efficiently and securely manage complex computer and information technologies, from consultation and installation, to management and support. CTI is the leader among them.

CTI can keep your communications systems up and running 24 hours a day. We also develop custom services for your business’ advanced communications. Effective communication is the key to creating sales.

CTI excels in IT services so you don’t have to. Know your productivity and profits will only increase with your computer, phone, and data security working smoothly and securely in the background. With communication available and data files accessible and secure, you and your team will never miss a business opportunity again.

IT Services Elgin

Managed IT Services

With CTI Technology’s, the secure and reliable Managed IT Services you need–everything from Help Desk and Telephone Support to Remote IP Monitoring and Maintenance–are delivered professionally and affordable.

Phone Services Elgin

Telephony Services

How many ways to people have to get in touch with you and your business? Phone? Fax? E-mail? Instant Messaging? Your answer is most likely either some, or all of the above. Unified Communications is all about making those different methods work together.

Cloud Services Elgin

Cloud/Data Services

Your business is running 24/7, so your infrastructure, software and data should be doing the same. CTI’s Cloud/Data Solutions make sure your most important assets are available anywhere, anytime.

Cabling Services Elgin

Low-Voltage Cabling

CTI specializes in cabling for the Chicagoland area.  Our company offers low voltage network cabling installation and testing services to business customers.  We install all types of low voltage cabling services including cat 5, cat 5e, cat6, voice, data and fiber optic.

We don’t want you to go through technology disasters. But if you do, we have your back 24/7. Every day of the year, our staff is ready to respond efficiently and quickly. Don’t wait for an IT disaster to bring your business to a grinding halt. CTI’s maintenance and support are the regular health checks that keep your IT systems in order and functioning at optimal health.

Are you looking to implement a major upgrade to your technology infrastructure and are also juggling other urgent matters in the office? Our IT Rockstars have the experience to run any kind of major project you are looking to do. Whether it is a major upgrade or a new office configuration, let CTI Technology set your deadlines and manage progress so you can focus on other important matters.

Using consumer-level file sharing applications can put your business in jeopardy of malicious attacks on your valuable files. That is why CTI Technology has created our own cloud-based file sharing application called CloudSync. This application allows your business to send any sized file with military-grade encryption and full admin control of all of your employees using the application.

The backbone to any business is your network infrastructure. If your network speed is slow, not only do you suffer, but your customers do as well. Don’t let your network hold your company back from growing. Leverage CTI Technology to conduct a network assessment on your business to determine the necessary actions that need to take place to boost your businesses’ network speed.

Our Customers

At CTI Technology, we serve a variety of industries, including K-12, legal, financial, higher education, retail and manufacturing, among others.

We understand that every industry has specific technology needs to maintain daily operations. That is why CTI Technology takes the time to understand your business inside out before we present you with the solution you need.

We guarantee that you will be pleased with the consulting process you will experience with our staff members.

Please take the time to see what our happy customers have to say about their experience with CTI Technology.

What Customers Are Saying About CTI Technology

“You guys are AWESOME!! How did we ever function without you??
“Thank you so much for the update. You are all awesome!”
“Purchased new cord, rebooted computer, IT WORKS! Thank you Dave and Rose for all of your assistance today. Your customer service is top notch!”
“Thanks so much for your speedy service – you are faster than Jimmy Johns!!!”
“It was a pleasure to work with everyone at CTI. The smooth transition from the old system to the new was a refreshing change from some previous projects. I look forward to our continued relationship.”
“First, let me mention that CTI did an amazing job for PAS yesterday….You guys are an excellent resource!”
“Thanks so much! I was especially pleased and impressed that your team was able to assist me with working around his Windows 8 – I was so happy I gave them all a high-five!”
“You guys over at CTI do a great job handling our account.”
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