Multi-Factor Authentication, you can block up to 99.9% of hackers

What is multi-factor authentication (MFA)?

MFA is a security system that requires more than one method of authentication. To simplify the meaning of an MFA, it is a secondary password that is continuously updating every 60 seconds. This password enforces a user to verify an access code on their cellular device when providing their login credentials. If an authorized user attempts to access data, they will need to provide the initial password as well as the MFA code. This code will only be available on the cellular device of the authorized user.

If an unauthorized user does not have the MFA code, they will not be able to access data. The hacker would need the authorized persons’ cellular device for the code, in addition to the first password. This extra pass code makes hacking much more complicated and is a significant factor when securing technological systems. Many vendors offer mobile phone-based authentication, including push-based authentication, QR code-based authentication, one-time password authentication, and SMS-based verification. 

How does it work?

If you do not have an MFA installed and you input your password to gain access to a program, you will automatically be granted access to the application if you put in the correct password. When you use an MFA as a secondary password, you will input your password as usual, but instead of immediately gaining access into your program, you will be prompted with a pop-up window that will appear. This window will require you to input a multi-factor authentication code.

Most users don’t manually change their passwords every day, which can increase the chance of an unwanted user gaining access to data. The multi-factor authentication code is continuously changing passwords/codes. Once a hacker identifies an MFA, they will most likely detour to a more accessible access point that isn’t secured with two passwords.

Where can you get an MFA? 

Multi-factor authentication can be linked to any program or email address that requires a password. Microsoft offers an MFA application for free because it is such an essential asset to securing data. This free layer of protection is highly recommended, as well as conveniently safe.

Call CTI Technology today if you would like more information on multi-factor authentication. CTI Technology’s priority is to make sure your system is secure from potential threats. If you would like additional recommendations on how to secure your company’s data, connect with CTI Technology today!


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Great pricing, even better service. Highly recommended!”
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“Great IT company for our business! Highly recommended.”
“Great IT company for our business! Highly recommended.”
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“CTI is a great company and I would not trust my IT services to anyone else.”
CTI is a great company and I would not trust my IT services to anyone else.
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