Around any boardroom in the country, there is a good chance that executives are discussing one of two topics – cloud computing and bring-your-own-device (BYOD). These innovations are offering companies of any size a number of benefits that can help with productivity and profitability.

However, as with any positive, there is a negative that needs to be addressed. In the case of BYOD and the cloud, that comes in the form of network and data security concerns. Despite the seemingly major red flag, these issues should not be looked at as a reason to avoid adoption but rather an opportunity to audit current infrastructure and security protocols.

This allows IT departments to examine a number of different factors including encryption, mobile device management, cloud storage integration, password systems and antivirus programs and turn these systems into standard procedure. Failure to address these can be reckless and an employee plugging into a company network without these fail safes in place can put a company's entire data collection in jeopardy.

Cloud Passage – a cloud security company – released a new infographic that shows the impact on the business world is growing as IT departments embrace the new computing and storage option. According to the report, 80 percent of the 201 IT professionals surveyed said their company is already using some form of cloud architecture.

The report also found that security protocols are improving. In 2011, 45 percent of IT professionals were concerned about the lack of perimeter security systems. In 2012, the number of concerned personnel dropped to 23 percent.

As employees become more comfortable in the cloud, the importance of proper IT support grows. A trusted IT consulting firm like CTI Technology can help businesses ensure a new system runs smoothly.

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