Communication is crucial in the corporate world. But what protocols or modes of communication work best in ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness? A reliable IT services provider in Schaumburg can help you answer this question. However, before consulting a third party, you should also have significant knowledge regarding the communication solutions likely to blend appropriately with your organizational culture and the workforce. The introduction of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) seems to be replacing mobile communication devices at the workplace. Despite VoIP being effective and cost-friendly, is it really necessary that businesses exclusively adopt it and get rid of mobile devices?

VoIP vs Handsets

First, desktop phones may be efficient and convenient, but they’re not necessarily portable. What should a mobile workforce do when they’re in a remote location and they need to information? Should they move around with their desktop phones? Handsets are still essential, especially in situations that require portable communication appliances. VoIP can be your business’ primary communication protocol, but the use of mobile devices should be maintained especially for special situations.

Also, by preserving the use of handsets, you’ll ensure that customers and other relevant parties can still reach out to your business during off hours. In this case, employees can use their mobile devices to bridge the gap between working and off hours. This may not be possible if your firm operates exclusively on VoIP protocols. Communication would’ve to be halted during off hours. You can lose a lot of customers simply because they tried to reach out to your firm and no one was available to pick up their calls.

Some Points to Consider

You’re likely to find out from most IT services providers in Schaumburg that the use of mobile devices can also subject your business to various perils. For instance, it may not be possible to link employees’ personal devices to customer relationship management systems or other communication frameworks within the business. This tends to hinder efficiency and productivity. Personal handsets are also vulnerable to security threats. A credible way of integrating personal devices into the business communication system is to make distinctions between personal and work information— you’ll also need a viable system for the management of mobile device communication.

Balance Between VoIP and Handsets

You may also want to consider the frequency with which your workforce uses both mobile devices and desktop phones for communication. What mode of communication is common within your firm? Do your workers text using mobile devices more than they receive calls on desktop phones? Answers to these questions will give you an overview of which mode of communication to prioritize. However, it’s advisable to maintain a balance between the use of VoIP and handsets. In this case, one mode of communication can offset the shortcomings related to the use of the other— this guarantees better efficiency and productivity.

CTI Technology is Here to Help

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