Top 10 Gifts For Your Office Under $10

The gift exchange period is here. Whether you are at the office or part of a community, the gift exchange tradition always has to happen. If you’re playing Secret Santa, you probably know what the person wants already. But, if the gift exchange is anonymous, well, we better start thinking of ideas so that you don’t come out looking like the Grinch.

Geeky gifts have been all the hype these past few Christmases, and if you have stumbled upon this post, you are probably looking for suggestions. For your safety, do not get these gifts for your loved ones (at least break the $10 limit for them).

For the rest of us, here are 10 ideas of what to get for that gift exchange party for under $10.

10. Technology Device Cleaning Cloth

10 gift

Electronic screens should not be wiped with just any type of fabric. These microfiber cloths feature designer patterns you can choose from. A pretty slick gift! These Technology Device Cleaning Cloths are gifts offered by the shop “PurpleMaple” for around $9

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9. Cable and Cord Organizers

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Help your coworkers in the fight against crossed wires. This gift makes a lot of sense for crowded desks. Order something like this Frog Cable Organizer, a gift offered by E Shop for around $3 – $8.

8. Tablet and Smartphone Stands

army dudes

Device stands are a great gift people can use for desks, travel or even cooking. You can find tablet and smartphone stands all over the place, but I love this iSoldier Phone Stand by Kikkerland for around $8.

7. Instagram Photo Magnets


If you share a photo memory with another Instagrammer, consider commemorating it with something like this customized photo magnet. Order Instagram Photo Magnets, a gift offered by a Zazzle store named “sketchbook39” for around $3.70.

6. Jelly Lens Stretch


You can find a bunch of lenses to add right on to your smartphone. They change the way your image is captured. For example, this Jelly Lens Stretch by Kikkerland is a fun tool that can enhance your mobile device’s camera.

5. Cell Phone Wrist Strap


You can find a lot of wrist straps to attach to device cases, but this one is extra cool.

Order a Cell Phone Wrist Strap such as these fun Metallic Cell Phone Wrist Straps by ShopTrokm (pronounced tee-rock-em) for $10. At the time of this writing, ShopTrokm is offering a coupon code of “ASKFOR15” for 15% off your order subtotal. Check out the several wrist strap designs as well as other products.

You can customize colors, lengths, and designs. This company started a project called “A Case For Good,” where 25% of phone case sales is donated to a non-profit organization or charity. Pretty cool!

4. Flat Flashlight


A flashlight comes in handy. This one doubles as a conversation piece. You can buy Kikkerland’s Flat Flashlight for about $6.

3. Boombox Speakers Gift


This Boombox Speaker by Kikkerland will run you a mere $8 or so. While it is by no means comparable to more expensive electronics, the old-school design is sure to get a smile while still giving you or someone else another option for listening to audio on-the-go.

2. Swiss+Tech Micro-Max Key Ring Multi-Tool


For the person who never wants to be without a screwdriver or utility knife, this key ring multi tool offers a variety of useful functions. Perfectly priced around $9.50

1. Popular eGift Cards for $10 or Less


Choose specific apps yourself using something like Wrapp or buy credit at a mobile app store. Just make sure you first know which type of smartphone or tablet the recipient uses.

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