Since business owners are typically engaged with many of the big picture aspects of running a company, they can often let small details fall by the wayside. For example, while securing the best Ethernet switches for a company's new VoIP business phones may seem like an afterthought, this business tool can go a long way toward improving the day-to-day functioning of a call center.

On November 16, Avaya announced that it was updating its product offerings with new editions to its ERS 400 series of Ethernet switches. In addition, the company unveiled its ERS 4800 switches, which it says will work better with wireless integration and virtualization.

According to Avaya, these new products will make it easier than ever for business owners and their IT departments to quickly plug in and install VoIP business phones. They also offer more power, faster data rates and the ability to handle call volumes that are five times greater when compared to the company's previous models.

"Enterprises want data networking solutions that they can forget about. Solutions that make it effortless for them to connect new IP phones, secure new devices and users, and add more capacity," Steve Bandrowczak, the vice president of the company's networking department, said in a statement. "Avaya's collaboration-ready ERS 4800 switches deliver these features to enterprises today."

Due to Avaya's status as one of the top providers of VoIP telephony services products, business owners may want to secure this necessary business equipment from a trusted online source. When looking for the right provider, an experienced consulting company could not only provide Avaya products, but help a company get on a path that could one day lead to a completed, state-of-the-art multimedia contact center. 

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