Any business that has used computer technology to manage phone calls should be familiar with computer-telephony integration (CTI). The impact of using computers to manage calls can be profitable to a business, especially if it’s extremely busy. CTI utilizes computers in the management of phone calls in the most secure technology. Busy companies that receive hundreds, or even thousands, of phone calls a day find this service utterly invaluable in their daily operations. CTI involves the use of computerized call centers in a business. It includes services that redirect phone calls to the appropriate department. Personal computers are usable as a personal call center, for example, to manage phone calls without compromising security. A reliable managed IT services provider in Naperville can help you with this.


CTI functions include:

  • Screen and authenticate calls against a database
  • Authenticate or forward a voice mail after authentication
  • Forward a call to the right department or person
  • Provide interactive voice response
  • Display call history for reference
  • Match and display the number of a caller with specified records
  • Manage voice conferences
  • Gather and show display imminent live calls
  • Collect messages left by callers
  • Receive and reroute messages

The use of CTI has revolutionized the way people deal with businesses. You will enjoy the following benefits by applying CTI technology into your day-to-day operations:

Cuts Costs

By applying CTI, you will be able to reduce the number of people that receive business-oriented calls. An automated response system doesn’t draw a monthly salary nor require other financial benefits. You’ll spend only a one-time expense of purchasing and installing the system. CTI enables the creation of targeted opportunities, which increase turnover and customer satisfaction. You’ll be able to generate higher margins because of lower costs. The average handling time (AHT) will significantly reduce.

Requires Little or No Surveillance

Like many other mechanized systems, computer-telephony integration can operate efficiently for hours without you having to ensure they’re working. The system is preprogrammed to handle your phone calls without much hustle. CTI only needs the configuration of a few parameters, such as agent ID, port, and server address.

If you’ve ever received an unsolicited call and found it bothersome, you should consider investing in managed IT services in Naperville to eliminate unwanted calls. In addition, you’ll know what calls need to be taken seriously and returned. In this era when cybercrimes are common, one can never be too careful about the need to safeguard your company against eavesdropping of important phone calls.


CTI is synonymous with convenience. With the advent of technological apps on mobile hand-held devices, you can monitor your calls from anywhere and anytime. CTI employs a powerful technology to keep you abreast of the development at work. The system makes it easy for you to run business remotely.

Efficiency Linked to Timesaving

You can install a standard client application that uses market standards to integrate with your phone system and eliminate the need for complicated service side integrations. Thus, the technology can integrate quickly with your end user application without the need to alter your client application and server.

CTI Technology Can Help

It’s in our name— at CTI Technology, we can help you with our managed IT services in Naperville. For more information, contact us today.

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