Due to the fact that limousine and charter businesses deal with a high volume of calls, many pride themselves on their excellent customer service and quick response time. However, while their employees may have figured out how to expertly work around the shortcomings of traditional business phones, a new article in one industry news source suggests these companies could benefit by pursuing cutting-edge voice and cloud computing solutions.

VoIP systems can allow limousine and charter companies to bypass potentially costly traditional phone lines, and instead run all their incoming and outgoing calls through their broadband service. As a result, their employees don't need to be in the office to receive calls.

"An owner can have his business spread out all over the globe and no one has to know, because although employees and offices might be out of state, they can all share a single number with different extensions, just like a traditional office phone system," Scott Graflund, owner of CMIT Solutions of Arlington Heights, said during a September conference, according to Limousine, Charter and Tour Magazine.

Cloud computing may be most beneficial for newer companies that are looking to enter the potentially lucrative limousine business. For example, cloud computing allows business owners to invest fewer resources into servers – and the significant space needed to house them. As such, with both solutions in place, limousine and charter services may need to invest less in costly real estate – for employees and servers – than ever before.

To find the best VoIP telephony services provider, business owners may want to analyze the extent of the services offered by their chosen provider. For example, a small business may benefit by having its maintenance and troubleshooting needs taken care of by a company whose technicians are capable of servicing products in a number of locations nationwide. 

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