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Wegner Advisement on Dr. Deming Leadership

A new Congressional bill could make it easier for entreprenurs to rely on 21st century tools to raise capital.

An often overlooked and underutilized timeless form of leadership was identified by Dr. W. Edwards Deming. Leaders of free enterprise mistakenly believe that his theory of management is relegated for use only in quality departments to deliver consistent products or services. Nothing could be further from the truth. Deming’s theory of management is, in fact, a system of totalized leadership that restores American exceptionalism in the market place. It would be advantageous for producers to understand and apply this theory of leadership if they are to move towards economic prosperity. His system of totalized leadership has provided many companies (and one particular country) with predictable success that far exceeds the results obtained from all other forms of leadership. Anything short of total transformation as Deming prescribes will sub-optimize results. The path to success starts with top management’s commitment to adopt a culture for quality and continual improvement in all aspects of decision-making. If you are interested in adopting a totalized leadership approach, Dr. Curt Wegner possesses the business acumen, passion, and expertise of value-added, change-agent leadership necessary to assist you achieve the results you seek. His guidance will provide basic understanding of Deming’s four incontrovertible truths that are essential for achieving rapid, sustained improvement.

As a first step, if you are curious how you measure up, take the free “Leadership Challenge” at WegnerAdvisement.com and discover practices that are an impediment to progress. If you wish higher quality products or services, increased productivity, larger profits, and true improvement in competitive position, contact Dr. Wegner at WegnerAdvisement for a free initial consultation.

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An often overlooked and underutilized timeless form of leadership was identified by Dr. W. Edwards Deming.

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