Windows 10 and Your Business

When Microsoft first announced the development of Windows 10 in January, it was at a consumer-focused publicity event. Microsoft officials highlighted features like a new browser and Photos app with the goal of appealing to a broad consumer audience.

As the team continued development over the next several months, it became clear that the new OS will be just as significant to business users as to consumers.

Windows 10 will play a critical role in this undertaking. The new OS marks a turning point in how Microsoft builds and delivers new features and services to the projected one billion devices it will support by its launch.

The upgrade will be free of charge to consumers and small businesses running Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 starting July 29. They will download one of two editions. The first is Windows 10 Home, which has all the new OS features except those limited to the Pro edition. Windows 10 Pro is for higher-quality devices, like those used in business, and has features including the ability to set up a PC as a remote desktop server, Hyper-V virtualization, and BitLocker encryption.

Windows 10 Enterprise will be released as an upgrade to larger enterprise customers. Large businesses holding Volume License contracts will be able to install Windows 10 Enterprise, but the upgrade requires that the products already have a Windows business edition license.

Windows 10, the last version of Microsoft Windows, will pack new productivity features and security updates to accommodate enterprise users. From a specific business edition to Universal Windows apps, there are a few key differences that set it apart from its predecessors.

Here at CTI Technology, we have examined which key features of Windows 10 will most effective for business users.

New Cortana Features

Cortana will have a few new capabilities when it appears on PCs in Windows 10. A new search function enables Cortana to look within the hard drive and OneDrive for documents you want to find through natural queries. It will also be able to launch apps, send emails, and play or pause music automatically, depending on whether you feel like listening while you work.

Universal Windows Apps

Universal Windows apps will work across all devices. This simplifies the process for developers, who can build one app for a broad range of products, but it’s also good news for business pros juggling multiple devices for work and home.

Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge, formerly known as Project Spartan, is Microsoft’s new minimalist browser. It’s intended to serve as a replacement for Internet Explorer, though Microsoft’s old browser will continue to be available for enterprise compatibility.

Enhanced Security

Microsoft is upping its security game in Windows 10 with a few new features designed to protect users by keeping their devices and data safe.

The new Passport feature allows users to enter Websites, networks, and apps without passwords. They simply confirm with Windows 10 that they are in possession of their device via biometric scan in order to automatically access a variety of services and websites like email, social networks, and e-commerce pages.

Windows 10 Enterprise Details

The Windows 10 Enterprise edition will build on the advanced capabilities of Windows 10 Pro to accommodate medium and large-sized businesses. This version of the new OS packs additional security features to protect the many identities, devices, information, and apps within each organization. It also has broader support for OS deployment and management for devices and apps. Businesses can opt to upgrade via Windows Update for Business or access the Long Term Servicing Branch for mission-critical devices.

If your business is curious about what steps to take to ensure your migration to Windows 10 goes smoothly, we recommend giving CTI Technology a call at 847-760-9530, and we can conduct a thorough assessment to ensure your business is ready to make the jump.

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Great pricing, even better service. Highly recommended!”
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“Great IT company for our business! Highly recommended.”
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CTI is a great company and I would not trust my IT services to anyone else.
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