It’s never been done before. On July 29, 2015, Windows offered their newest operating system, Windows 10, absolutely free! Not a trial, not a lite version. A full free upgrade. Millions of users all around the world readily took the opportunity. And, though there have been hiccups and complaints along the way, Windows 10 is going strong and better than ever.But, unfortunately, nothing is forever. Windows has announced that this free offer extends only for a year; on July 29, 2016, users who haven’t upgraded yet will need to pay for it.

Is that such a big deal, though? Well, the thing is, as new operating systems come along, support for previous ones ends: security updates, technical support, etc. In essence, you’ll be all alone to face the dangers of the internet – malware, security issues and your own human error. And we all know how good we users are at messing things up sometimes. So, it makes sense that Windows offered this free upgrade to avoid the same kind of messy end that Windows XP went through.
Luckily, when Windows 7 support comes to an end on January 1st of 2020, you will have had Windows 10 for several years without having to pay $99 for it.

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