Wireless technology represents the future of computer and Internet connectivity around the globe. Does this mean businesses should be completely wireless as well? At this point, we say no. There are major benefits for companies to keep their network wired:

  1. Faster connection speeds
  2. Control over your own network
  3. Reliability

Problems do arise with solely maintaining a wired business network. Nowadays employees have their own devices like iPads and smartphones and want to use them for their daily job functions. Supporting these wireless technologies allows your employees the freedom to move around the office and reference business materials during meetings.

There are concerns with security for wireless networks and your system needs to be set-up with the proper measures in place to help avoid intrusions.

Establishing both a wired and wireless environment for your business seems to be the way to go for now. Wireless connectivity offers the flexibility for your employees and being wired helps your IT department securely control your company’s valuable data.

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