CTI Technology is Chicagoland’s recognized managed IT service provider for the healthcare industry. Our solution stack gives our healthcare clients the peace of mind they need to know their patients and practices are protected. We keep your IT environment operating smoothly, so you can focus on your core business of practicing medicine. With the addition of our CIO/CTO to your team, you will rest easy knowing our team will remain proactive about your data security. Cybersecurity threats are inevitable, especially against sensitive patient data; we make your data security our number one priority. All our employees are PHI and EPHI trained, we comply with all HITECH regulations, and our company is HIPAA-compliant. We run HIPAA SRA (security risk assessment) for our clients annually, ensuring your practice and IT infrastructure remain viable.

Law Firms

We know time is money in the legal industry, that’s why we focus on improving your mobility so you can maximize productivity and billable hours. When your team can work easily on-the-go, trusting their IT infrastructure and cloud technology, they can bill from anywhere. With the ability to access data from the cloud, we know keeping your clients’ data safe and secure is of the utmost importance. CTI Technology ensures that all company users are protected against cybersecurity threats and our CIO/CTO team stays up-to-date on the latest threats to your industry, keeping your IT environment protected. Additionally, we have experience in setting up third-party case management systems. We can ensure this installation is done properly for every user and that it integrates with your entire IT network.


Ensuring your team stays connected in one IT environment is crucial for distribution success. With multiple locations, travel, and several users involved, maintaining employee mobility and security of your customer’s data is paramount. When you partner with CTI Technology, we build an IT environment that provides your company with consistency and standardization, as well as easy access to people on the road and providing an opportunity for future scalability. Sharing data across multiple locations can increase risk, but with our CIO/CTO duo, we stay proactive on the threats facing your industry and IT strategy. With the proper design and strategy in place, your distribution company will be primed to make more sales and grow your business.

Local Businesses

As a business leader, your company needs to embrace digital innovation in order to remain successful and viable in today’s market. CTI Technology specializes in working with small to medium sized businesses as their managed IT service provider. We know hiring a full-time IT employee, or having a full IT department, can be costly. Small to medium sized businesses don’t always need to keep their IT in-house; in fact, entrusting us with your IT management could save you money and unnecessary stress. We make your IT solutions easy with our solution stack. Your partnership with us can range from us taking over 100% of your IT needs or we can support and work alongside your company’s IT team members. With a strategized IT environment, your business will improve in profitability, scalability, mobility, and productivity. Partner with CTI Technology to stay ahead of your competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Users are defined as individuals with access to a corporate network in which they utilize their device, or a device provided by their organization.

Yes, we have references in all verticals and are happy to share upon request.

Our ideal client recognizes the importance of technology as an asset to their business and trusts CTI Technology to partner with them. Our ideal client also has similar core values, such as integrity, loyalty, work ethic, progressive, and positivity.

We complement the IT department very well as we will collaborate our experience and knowledge to provide the best services possible.

Users who require assistance will submit a ticket via email or call our help desk, which opens a tracked ticket to ensure a timely response is met. An engineer will then respond and resolve the issue. Once the problem has been fixed, a survey is sent to the client in which we strongly value feedback to maintain the integrity of our partnership.

Our average response time for new tickets is under 30 minutes.

Absolutely! We adapt to your company’s short-term and long-term goals and apply enterprise grade technology that is adaptable and scalable to align the company’s vision and goals.

No, each client requires unique modifications but will be provided the same solution stack. Pricing is based off of numerous factors, depending on the needs of the client, including how many users your company has.

Absolutely! Our team members enjoy building strong relationships with our clients to ensure they know they are valued. 

CTI Technology has been assisting clients since August 2004 and specializes in healthcare, law firms, distribution, sales, and businesses with 20-250 users. 

We offer 24/7/365 support. If an emergency should occur, we provide critical support for our clients. No business should risk walking in on Monday morning to a non-functioning network and risk the loss of production.

Yes, we perform monthly onsite visits (or more frequently depending on the Service Level Agreement, SLA).

Our services are applicable in every industry, give us a call to discuss your industry.

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