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CTI Technology provides IT services and IT support for law firms and law firms throughout Chicago & the Chicagoland area. Book a discovery call with the CTI legal IT team today and experience our services.

IT Services For Law Firms In Chicago

At CTI Technology, we understand the unique needs of the legal profession. We offer a full range of IT support, computer support, and help desk services to help law firms and attorneys focus on running their practice.

Our core philosophy is that technology should be transparent. Lawyers should be able to focus on their work product, not dealing with computer issues. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service and support.

We offer a wide range of services, including network design and implementation, data backup and recovery, email and website hosting, desktop and laptop support, printer, copier support, etc.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you run your law firm more efficiently.

CTI Technology is the IT company law firms need.

In the intricate landscape of law practice, every minute counts. As a small law firm in Elgin, IL, our ability to serve our clients effectively hinges on the seamless operation of our technological infrastructure. Before our partnership with CTI Technology, we juggled our passion for law and our limited understanding of IT – a common predicament faced by small legal practices everywhere.

Our decision to entrust our IT needs to CTI Technology was transformative. They are not just another IT firm. They are a team of professionals who understand a small law firm's unique requirements and complexities. This specialization has made all the difference, sparing us with the troubles we previously encountered with general IT service providers.

CTI Technology has consistently offered us unmatched IT services. Their expertise is apparent in their swift problem-solving abilities, efficient system optimization, and proactive data protection and cybersecurity approach. They don't just respond to our needs; they anticipate them, ensuring our operations never skip a beat. This allows us to focus on our core mission - providing top-tier legal services to our clients.

They have eliminated the need for us to navigate the technical minefield ourselves and brought about a sense of security and efficiency that we hadn't experienced before. With their support, we know that our confidential client information is safe, our systems are reliable, and our operations are running smoothly.

CTI Technology doesn't just cater to our present needs. They prepare us for the future. They've guided us through digital transformation, helping us leverage the most advanced tools and technologies suitable for our practice. They are more than just a service provider; they are our strategic partner, aligning their services with our growth trajectory.

To anyone seeking an IT partner that understands the intricacies of a small law firm and offers personalized, reliable, and forward-thinking solutions, we wholeheartedly recommend CTI Technology. We've tried the rest; now we're with the best. No more wasting time and resources - CTI Technology is the IT firm small law firms need.

Don't just take our word for it. Experience it yourself, and discover how CTI Technology can transform your law practice as they have ours.

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Complete IT Management & IT Services For Chicago Law Firms

At CTI, we understand you lose billable hours anytime your network is down. We focus on keeping your network stable and your computers running smoothly. We also know how important it is to keep your data safe, secure, and private. Your employees need round-the-clock access to their computer systems and straightforward retrieval of electronic files and research to stay productive.

That is why we are a 24/7 shop. We are here to help you whenever you need us.

When we started working with Chicago law firms, we naively thought that the technology at their disposal would be a help, not a hindrance. However, over the years, CTI has found that many tools designed to make their work easier create new problems.

Attorneys and their staff are constantly confronted with security issues caused by viruses, malware, and phishing scams. They also struggle to keep up with new software updates, disrupting their workflow and negatively impacting productivity. Perhaps worst of all, there seems to be an endless stream of new apps and websites coming out every day that compete for our attention.

For attorneys and their teams to truly focus on their work, we must find ways to manage these technological distractions. Only then will we achieve the high levels of productivity and efficiency we need to provide effective legal representation.

See How CTI Technology Can Remove All The Headaches Associated With Your IT Systems

See How CTI Technology Can Remove All The Headaches Associated With Your IT Systems

  • Fully Outsourced Managed IT Services
  • Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions
  • Digital Transformation Technologies

We're Just Super Nice People Taking Care Of Organizations Across The Chicagoland Region.

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How CTI Makes Sure Your Computer Systems Run Effectively

Getting the computer support you need can be challenging if you’re a small law firm or solo practitioner in Chicago. Too often, big IT companies overlook the needs of small businesses, leaving them to fend for themselves.

That’s where we come in. We offer corporate-level IT support to small legal offices in Chicago, ensuring that their systems run smoothly and efficiently. We take a multi-level approach to our services, providing comprehensive support covering everything from hardware and software to networking and security. In addition, we offer 24/7 monitoring and support, so you can rest assured that your office will always be up and running.

Whether you’re dealing with a simple or complex problem, we have the skills and experience to help you get back on track.

Workstation Support

At CTI, we understand the importance of having reliable and efficient workstations. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or part of a large team, your computer systems must work smoothly. We offer comprehensive services to ensure your desktops and software running at peak performance.

Our team of experts stays up-to-date on the latest trends in computer maintenance, and we provide thorough diagnostics for even the most complex technical problems. Additionally, we offer training to help users get the most out of their desktop software. So if you’re looking for an IT solutions provider that truly understands your needs, look no further than our company.

With us, you can rest assured that your workstations will run smoothly without reoccurring problems or downtime.

Network Support

CTI understands that your network is the lifeblood of your business. That’s why we take a comprehensive approach to network setup and maintenance.

We start by ensuring that data is adequately routed throughout your network. This helps to improve efficiency and prevent bottlenecks. We also work to ensure that your network is adequately protected from external threats. We do this by configuring firewalls and implementing security procedures.

Finally, we ensure you have safe and secure remote access to your network. This allows you to work from anywhere without worrying about security risks.

Server Support

When it comes to ensuring the security and performance of your servers, you need a team you can trust. We are committed to providing the best possible service for our clients at our company. We take a proactive approach to server maintenance, constantly scanning for issues or potential problems and addressing them before they become serious.

Our seasoned engineers know all the tricks of the trade regarding server management, and they are always on hand to address any concerns or questions.

Whether you need us to maintain your mail servers or take care of any other issue, we will work tirelessly to keep your servers running smoothly and efficiently. So if you want the peace of mind that comes with a reliable team behind your server maintenance efforts, look no further than our company.

With us on your side, you can ensure that all your server needs will be handled professionally and professionally.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

We push disaster recovery solutions beyond the standard practice of onsite backup. Instead, we use a robust business continuity solution that allows you to be back up and running in minutes. If your primary server fails, is infected with ransomware, or is physically destroyed, we can have you back up in a blink of an eye. If your office is inaccessible, we can failover to the cloud, and you can securely access your files from home. This solution is generally cheaper than an onsite & cloud solution. Our business continuity solutions give you peace of mind, saving you money.

CTI Support All Your Law Firm Software Solutions

At CTI, we understand the unique needs of attorneys and legal professionals. With years of experience working with the tools that attorneys rely on daily, we provide expert support for everything from case management software to hosted applications.

Whether you need help troubleshooting issues with your software, optimizing your configuration to improve efficiency, or migrating to a new system altogether, we have the expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals. So if you’re looking for someone you can trust to provide the support you need, look no further than CTI. Your success is our top priority with our unmatched experience and dedication to superior customer service.

Case Management Solutions

There are countless legal software platforms today, each with its unique tools and features. Some popular and well-regarded platforms include AbacusLaw, Amicus, Credenza, CaseMap, Firm Central, PracticeMaster, Prolaw, and Time Matters. Whether you are a small boutique firm or a large international organization, there is likely a legal software platform that can meet your needs.

These platforms utilize different design concepts and deliver a different user experience. AbacusLaw is known for its intuitive interface and streamlined navigational structure. Amicus focuses on extensive customization options that allow users to tailor their systems to suit their specific workflows. Credenza emphasizes advanced data collection capabilities, making it ideal for firms that need to track large volumes of client data closely.

These different platforms offer various benefits depending on your needs and preferences. Choosing the right software platform can help streamline your operations and improve your efficiency in the courtroom or boardroom. Whether you’re just starting as a lawyer or looking for an upgrade after years in practice, there’s bound to be a legal software solution that is perfect for you.

No matter your specific needs, CTI can help you find the perfect legal software solution for your firm. With our unparalleled expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we may have the resources you need to succeed no matter your needs.

Time & Billing Applications

As the demand for cloud-based services grows, many Chicago law firms turn to cloud providers for their computing needs. However, knowing which is right for your business can be challenging for many providers. While each provider has its strengths and weaknesses, some stand out from the crowd. Juris, PC Law, Sage, TABS3, and Turbolaw are leading providers of cloud-based legal software, each offering unique features and benefits.

Document Management Solutions

There are a variety of document storage and management systems on the market today, each with pros and cons. Some of the most popular options for businesses that deal primarily with legal documents include Worldox, Autonomy Worksite (iManage), NetDocuments, and Prolaw.

Worldox is a robust system that offers various features to help legal professionals store, manage, and organize their documents effectively. Its user-friendly and intuitive interface makes it easy for users to get up and running quickly. In addition, Worldox offers tight integration with third-party applications such as Microsoft Office and Outlook, allowing users to carry out all essential tasks with just one platform promptly. However, on the downside, Worldox can be expensive to purchase upfront and may require significant maintenance over time due to frequent software updates.

Autonomy Worksite (iManage) is another popular choice among legal professionals, offering tools like automatic document categorization based on keywords and detailed activity tracking capabilities. Like Worldox, iManage has an intuitive interface that makes it simple to start and perform standard operations in just a few steps. And with solid support for the cloud-based version of the software, users can easily access their documents from any location. However, iManage can be expensive to implement and may require ongoing user training to get the most out of its functionality.

NetDocuments is another popular document management solution for legal professionals, emphasizing security and data protection. NetDocuments helps businesses keep confidential information safe from unauthorized access with features like granular user permissions and built-in virus scanning. In addition, NetDocuments offers native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, allowing users to stay productive even when away from their desks. However, the software can be cumbersome for inexperienced users, and NetDocuments’ support options are somewhat lacking compared to other market solutions.

Prolaw is a popular choice for businesses that handle many cases or have multiple law offices. Its advanced features include document automation, e-filing capabilities, and case management tools. Prolaw is also highly scalable, making it a good choice for businesses that expect to grow. However, the software can be complex, and its initial setup costs can be prohibitive for some law firms in Chicago.

Cloud-based legal software benefits Chicago law firms, including increased flexibility, scalability, and cost savings. However, choosing the right provider for your specific needs is essential. The providers listed above are all leading providers of cloud-based legal software, each offering unique features and benefits. When deciding, it is crucial to consider cost, ease of use, security, and support options. Ultimately, the right provider for you depends on your needs and preferences.

Discovery & Litigation Solutions

As anyone who has been through the legal process knows, discovery and litigation can be long and complicated. Fortunately, there are many software solutions available to help streamline the process.

Concordance and Prolaw are two of the most popular discovery tools, while Summation is a popular choice for litigation. CTI Support helps law firms in Chicago get the most out of these software solutions. We provide expert training and support so that attorneys can focus on winning their cases rather than struggling with unfamiliar technology. In addition, we offer a wide range of customization options so that each firm can tailor the software to fit their specific needs.

Whether you’re looking for an edge in discovery or want to streamline your litigation process, CTI Support can help.

Docketing & Calendars

At CTI, we specialize in providing law firms with the tools and support they need to run their operations smoothly. Whether you are a solo practitioner or part of a large firm, we have the docketing and calendar solutions to keep your schedule organized and your clients informed. Our advanced software, PC Law and Time Matters has everything you need to stay on top of all your legal appointments, hearings, trials, and other important deadlines. With our comprehensive support services and easy-to-use interface, you can trust CTI to help ensure the continued success of your practice, so if you’re searching for an experienced partner who can take care of all your docketing needs, look no further than CTI!

CTI’s Simple Goal In Providing IT Services For Law Firms In Chicago

CTI believes in providing our clients with the best possible technology infrastructure. We know that a reliable, secure, and trouble-free system is essential for keeping your business running smoothly and efficiently. And our goal is not only to offer you this kind of technology framework but also to help you keep up with the rapidly changing demands of today’s digital landscape.

Our infrastructure is designed to be elastic, meaning it can quickly adapt and stretch to meet your growing needs and help you reach new levels of productivity and efficiency. Whether you’re a startup looking for simple tech solutions or an established enterprise requiring more complex solutions, we have the expertise and know-how to build a customized solution that will empower your business to succeed.

So why wait?

Contact us today and find out how we can give you the technology infrastructure you need to thrive!

Cybersecurity Services For Chicago Law Firms

Lawyers have a duty to their clients to protect confidential information. A client data breach can have serious consequences, including damage to the attorney-client relationship and the law firm’s reputation. In today’s litigious environment, it is more important than ever for attorneys to ensure their data is secure.

Our cybersecurity solutions are designed specifically for law offices and employment lawyers. We use a proactive multi-layered approach and don’t just wait for an incident to happen. Our solutions consider compliance needs tailored to your business and the types of sensitive documents you handle daily.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – let us help you protect your data and your client’s confidential information. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.

Fully Managed IT Services

Maintaining security and efficiency in today’s digital landscape can be tricky. There are many factors to consider, from the ever-changing daily threats to businesses and their customers’ evolving needs and preferences. At CTI, we understand this balancing act all too well.

Our unique approach to IT starts with our relationship-driven work process. We can truly understand their needs and expectations by prioritizing effective communication and collaboration with our clients. This enables us to build long-term relationships based on mutual trust so that we can become a dedicated partner that you can rely on for all your IT needs.

With over a decade of experience working with legal firms specifically, our team at CTI understands the unique challenges faced by this industry, such as managing large amounts of sensitive data while keeping systems up-to-date with cutting-edge technologies. Our expertise and unwavering commitment to quality service have helped countless law firms achieve greater efficiency and security across their IT operations. If you’re looking for an IT partner who truly understands your unique needs and business goals, turn to CTI – we’ve got you covered!

Professional IT Services For Chicago Law Firms

  • IT consulting and assessments
  • Cloud business telephone & telecommunications services
  • Law firm cybersecurity solutions
  • Data backup, recovery, and restoration strategies
  • Cloud computing, Microsoft 365 & Google Apps/Workspace
  • Mobile technologies
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Help desk services


How can I ensure my law firm’s data is secure?

There are many steps that attorneys can take to ensure their data is secure. Some of these steps include:

  • Educating staff on cybersecurity best practices
  • Implementing a comprehensive cybersecurity solution
  • Regularly backing up data
  • Working with a professional IT service provider

What are some of the unique challenges faced by the legal industry regarding IT?

Some of the challenges faced by the legal industry when it comes to IT include:

  • Managing large amounts of sensitive data
  • Ensuring compliance with industry regulations
  • Keeping systems up-to-date with cutting-edge technologies.

How can CTI help my law firm with IT?

CTI offers a full range of IT services, from desktop support to server and network administration. We also provide law firm-specific cybersecurity solutions and data backup and recovery strategies. Contact us today to learn more about our services or schedule a free consultation. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service and support, and we have a proven track record of helping law firms achieve their IT goals.

Law Firms In Chicago

Call CTI Technology For All Your Law Firm IT Service Needs In Chicago

The CTI team is a dedicated partner you can trust with your most valuable data. With years of experience delivering managed IT services to legal firms, we understand the unique challenges and requirements of the legal industry. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest levels of service and support, and we are proud to be a leading provider of managed IT services to the legal industry. We offer a full range of IT services, from desktop support to server and network administration, and we are confident that we can provide you with the level of service you need to keep your firm running smoothly. Contact us today to learn more about our services or schedule a free consultation.

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Why Is CTI Technology The Best Choice For IT Services In The Chicagoland Region?

“Great pricing, even better service. Highly recommended!”
Great pricing, even better service. Highly recommended!”
Guido Arquilla
“Great IT company for our business! Highly recommended.”
“Great IT company for our business! Highly recommended.”
Brian Coli
“CTI is a great company and I would not trust my IT services to anyone else.”
CTI is a great company and I would not trust my IT services to anyone else.
Jenny Wagner

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