Founded in 2004, CTI Technology is an experienced and trusted Managed IT Service Provider located in Elgin, Illinois. We build and maintain relationships with businesses ranging from 10 to 250 employees for over 1,500 headquarters, satellite offices, and locations across North America.

We manage many different organizations while specializing in Healthcare, Legal, and Manufacturing. We have obtained our Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Compliance Certification. This allows us to efficiently process security measures and educate our Healthcare clients on the proper regulations to protect health information (PHI).

We focus on managing businesses IT Infrastructure and Cyber Security to protect their computers, servers, networks, and phone systems from any potential external unauthorized access or attacks. Cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated, and hackers are finding creative ways to access and steal data. We are continuously providing honest, educated, and thorough network assessments for all new and existing clients that will implement a proactive and strategic plan to protect data and is also designed to suitably reach each clients’ specifications and budget.

We also offer a 24/7 Help-Support Desk with highly trained technicians that take pride in delivering the best results to our clients. We have received many positive comments from our current clients expressing their appreciation and gratitude on the services they receive.
We believe that educating clients on how to avoid a breach is one of the most critical factors in preventing unauthorized access from occurring and enforcing businesses to stay safe from intrusion.

As trusted IT advisors, we provide excellent services to our clients by managing and maintaining all security measures and technology related to their operation. Our goal is to assist businesses in having a successful long-term outcome with the proper education and equipment for a smooth workflow that will increase their profitability while easing their minds knowing their systems are safely secured

Our Rockstar Leadership Team

Aaron Kane

Chief Executive Officer

Years in the Industry: 19
Favorite IT Term: Flux Capacitor
Hobbies: Golf, Fishing, Cubs Fan

Brian Porretto

Brian Porretto

Chief Information Officer

Years in the Industry: 29
Favorite IT Term: ID10T error
Hobbies: Baseball, Cubs

Andrew Wipperfurth

Andrew Wipperfurth

Client Service Manager

Years in the Industry: 6
Favorite IT Term: Automation
Hobbies: Water skiing, Soccer Dad

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