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Why Should Chicago Businesses Secure Expert Network Support Services?

The Evolution of Network Support

There was a time, only a few short years ago, when network support for a business was defined by the location, physical network, and the advanced firewall that protected it. But as we all know, business networks of today are hardly limited to the office and local servers. There’s hardly a business left that doesn’t use at least one cloud-based and/or SaaS platform in which data is looped out to the internet and back to the company. Serving clients requires opening your network to outside contact. Remote and hybrid workers extend your physical network to a virtual and distributed network by necessity.

Network security is no longer about building a fortress around a mini-kingdom of data. Network support now includes an end-to-end system that reaches your clients, remote workers, and multiple office locations all in one cloud-unified system of secured data and efficient operations.

Chicago Network Support By CTI Technology

Upgrading Your Chicago Business Network Solutions

Network solutions have grown a great deal in the last decade. If you built an IT team or have a simple support plan, now may be time to upgrade your Chicago business’ approach to network support.

  • Is your network still primarily internal?
  • How completely have you migrated to your cloud-based platforms since the pandemic remote transition?
  • Are there inherent problems or bottlenecks in your current IT system that need a unified network solution?
  • Are you worried that your company is behind the cybersecurity curve?

If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes” or even “Maybe”, then it’s time to reassess your network and your solutions for network support.

Hire End-to-End Network Support in Chicago

The good news is that you don’t have to brave the IT hiring frenzy to find a team of network admins and network architects ready to take your network support solution to the next level.

By outsourcing with an IT services team like CTI Technology, you gain access to an entire IT department of technicians, architects, developers, and security specialists to fit exactly the needs of your extended business network.

Expanding from Local Network to Cloud Network Support

If your network solutions were designed around a local network and your company has since gone remote or hybrid, it’s time for an upgrade. CTI Technology teams can help expand your network support to include end-to-end monitoring, performance, and security advancements. We will bring your company network solutions back to the cutting-edge using the best tools, cloud partners, and private virtual network techniques.

Solutions for Networks with Many Provider-Services

One interesting evolution of the modern business network is the number of providers. Managed IT Service teams have always dealt with the internet and power companies when outages are outside IT control, but that network has increased. Now, we are dealing with platforms, SaaS providers, and integrated online tools.

Modern network support providers must know how to diagnose issues that are under the control of a cloud provider and how to seek resolutions through their services instead of simply declaring the issue outside of their control.

CTI Technology can help you interface with a wide network of cloud providers, live software support, platforms, and utility providers who make up your business continuity support system.

Empower Your Staff IT to Make Great Changes

If you have an onboard IT team, often the big upgrade projects require more hours and resources than they will have available. This is because big IT projects like data migrations and stack upgrades need a much larger team (and different specializations) than running the day-to-day IT needs of a company.

By outsourcing with a network support team like CTI Technology, you can empower your IT staff to make the changes and complete the projects they’ve been wanting to – but couldn’t while working solo. Gain access to a flexible pool of technicians, admins, engineers, developers, and architects to bring your Chicago company network to the competitive cutting edge.

Professional Network Support for Chicago Businesses

Managing the network extends to all services, including backups, cybersecurity, staff education, helpdesk, monitoring, vendor management and more.

End-to-End Network Support

Your cloud now goes beyond the firewall and extends to every client and remote employee connecting from a distant device. It includes every cloud service and online tool you integrate. End-to-end network support creates a secure system of data management between your local, cloud, and remote network elements.

Network Cybersecurity

Modern cybersecurity is an ongoing battle to monitor resources and update security patches. CTI Technology will keep you at the cutting-edge of business network cybersecurity solutions and enact vulnerability testing to defend against the latest hacker techniques.

Network Monitoring – Performance and Security

Network monitoring provides twofold value for Chicago business networks. Monitoring allows us to benchmark and increases the performance of your network by removing bottlenecks and data silos. It also allows us to closely track resource and access activity, which can spot a hacker intrusion or hidden malware from the first moment of infiltration.

Backups and Recovery

Business continuity relies on data integrity. That means backups, and a reliable data recovery system to reload those backups. You can rely on CTI Technology to take comprehensive, high-quality backups, store them remotely away from any network risks, test the backups, and provide swift recovery should you have a data disaster. From corrupt software updates to ransomware, backups are a powerful solution.

Vendor Management

Network support today includes more than just your internet provider. Most Chicago businesses have several – maybe dozens – cloud providers for various platforms and tools. A great network support team can help you interface and troubleshoot through vendor management as well as the elements that can be controlled directly through network tools and remote desktops.

Help Desk Tech Support

Finally, your network is a living system that employees and clients rely on every day. When something goes wrong, you need expert help desk support from a team that is already familiar with your network and has network support tools at the ready to find any issue and fix it swiftly.

Why Should Chicago Businesses Hire CTI For Network Support?

Network support is a vital and evolving part of the modern business structure. As we move more and more toward hybrid network solutions, it’s no surprise that many businesses need expert consultations or outsourced teams to make that migration complete – and secure.  Chicago businesses can count on CTI Technology to provide the attentive, customized, and cutting-edge network support that you need to keep your competitive edge.

Contact us today to consult on the specific needs of your Chicago business network.


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