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Safeguard Your Data with Microsoft Network Security in Chicago

Your network security posture refers to the current state of your organization’s security—your organization’s ability to protect identities, endpoints, credentials, data, applications, and its infrastructure. Your organization’s network security posture changes constantly in response to new threats and potential vulnerabilities.

Enabling protections can strengthen your organization’s network security posture. However, a lack of awareness and vigilance, such as failing to properly use available protections can cripple your organization’s network security posture.

One of the challenges to improving your network security posture is your ability to measure it. It takes some time for organizations to compare their existing network security configurations to best practices, known threats, and other organizations. For organizations that want to conduct a security assessment, their security must be assessed regularly and results must be tracked over time.

Protect Your Data with Microsoft Network Security in Chicago

Data is and will continue to be the new gold of companies across Chicago. Therefore, it is crucial to protect the IT infrastructure, systems, data, and workplaces from cyber attacks, data breaches, data theft, etc.

Since companies are increasingly using applications based on Microsoft’s platforms, storing data in the cloud, and operating servers in the cloud, they do not have as much control over their security as they once had. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are using this shift in the landscape to their advantage, causing annual losses of trillions of dollars.

Increasingly sophisticated threats and attacks mean that business leaders in Chicago are having to reassess their security. In today’s era of digitalization and cybercrime, more organizations are worried about their ability to defend themselves against data breaches, cyberattacks, internal threats, and external threats. Especially since sophisticated attacks often go unnoticed.

At CTI, we aim to help businesses and organizations across Chicago become more aware of these issues by sharing the solutions that can be used to measure and improve their security. Our Microsoft Network Security services have been designed to help you secure your endpoints and data while identifying and hunting for security incidents. Usage and incident reports can also be provided for the selected Microsoft Network Security services, and our services can be tailored to address specific IT and end-user needs.

How Secure Is Your Microsoft Environment?

The threat landscape is constantly changing. Microsoft Network Security services allow organizations to take a more proactive approach to preventing, monitoring, and responding to security incidents, allowing organizations to have the peace of mind they need.

The key questions to answer when addressing your organization’s need for better Microsoft network security are:

  • How secure are your Microsoft users and accounts?
  • How protected are you from threats?
  • How safe is your data in your Microsoft applications?
  • How effectively are you managing Microsoft security?

Data is your most valuable asset. You should know what data is sensitive and have the ability to control access to it. In this digital landscape where devices and users are working from various locations, it’s even more important to have network security that won’t slow down efficiency and productivity.

CTI Technology offers an opportunity to do Microsoft Network Security better. We employ best practices to support a stable, cost-effective, and effective implementation of Microsoft’s platform.

The Proactive Approach to Strengthening Your Microsoft Network Security Posture

While using Microsoft applications, safeguarding your data starts with a better user authentication experience, accessible from any location and on any device. Access levels and the authentication process vary based on user or device risk.

Microsoft threat protection tools are able to communicate with each other to connect across your entire digital infrastructure, and automated threat protection can help make things a little easier for your organization. With Microsoft Network Security services, integration and deployment can be simplified. Ultimately, this will help to reduce the number of security responsibilities you have to manage.

CTI Technology provides comprehensive, intelligent Microsoft Network Security services that adapt to any workplace, delivering data protection, threat protection, and security management. Microsoft Network Security activities will involve routine monitoring of alerts and responding as needed, in addition to monitoring Microsoft service health and potential data theft and risky Microsoft user behaviors.

Our Microsoft Network Security services also include routine reviews of controls, cloud applications, service configuration, and a detailed report on applications. We will continuously review the threat landscape and the overall threat trends, making recommendations regarding the current state of your Microsoft environment.

Prioritize and Mitigate Any Attacks within Your Microsoft Environment

Microsoft Network Security services will help improve your network security posture as you continue to make your way through an ever-increasing volume of cyber attacks, as well as the challenges of maintaining and monitoring data, users, applications, devices, and entire infrastructure. Through our Microsoft Network Security services, CTI Technology can help you secure your organization’s Microsoft environment and mitigate potential future threats.

Through our Microsoft Network Security services, we will help you strengthen your organization’s approach to security and help you prioritize and mitigate any potential attacks. Our services will provide:

  • A deep analysis that will identify any threats that may be targeting your organization
  • An explanation of Microsoft’s approach to security, and how it can support your organization
  • Recommendations to immediately mitigate any identified threats within your Microsoft environment
  • A comprehensive assessment of your organization’s network security priorities and initiatives

We take the required security measures according to their implementation priority and implement the security tools that are the most relevant to your organization. We configure a variety of network security systems and Microsoft’s own recommendations in a way that they will fully reflect your organization’s unique needs.

CTI Technology Makes Microsoft Network Security Easy

We will work with you to understand your priorities, initiatives, objectives, and the influences behind your Microsoft Network Security strategy. We will assess your Microsoft environment and identify any current and potential threats to your Microsoft environment across email, identity, and data. We work with you to discover any vulnerabilities within your environment. We will share our tailor-made recommendations for the vulnerabilities we have identified and design a plan that meets your needs.

Meeting Microsoft Network Security compliance objectives in Chicago requires focus, expertise, and routine monitoring. Call CTI at (847) 306-8464 if you are a business in Chicago looking for a Microsoft support company.

Thanks to my friends at GenerationIX in Los Angeles for their help with this content. Check out their managed services in Los Angeles.

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Great pricing, even better service. Highly recommended!”
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“Great IT company for our business! Highly recommended.”
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CTI is a great company and I would not trust my IT services to anyone else.
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