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Protect Your Data with the Cloud

Is it time for your business to grow, or is it growing faster than you can keep up with regarding data and security demands? Here at CTI, we think that is a good problem to have, and we can help you FAST. We know your information is your currency in business, and to protect that currency, you need: storage, security, and performance from the cloud computing. Learn the benefits of Cloud Computing with CTI Technology.

We have cloud solutions ranging from:

  • Firewall install and encryption
  • Wireless networking and remote backups
  • High-capacity optimization for performance and speed
  • Flexible resources to respond to your ever-changing business conditions

The best part of all is that you only pay for the cloud services you actually need and use.  

Ready to scale your business with your private cloud?

Cloud Services

Cloud Solutions CTI Technology

Cloud models enable organizations to focus less on management and maintenance of the IT infrastructure and more on the delivery of services. Resources are centrally controlled and automatically allocated to quickly provide users with the tools they need, whether that’s a new application, service or mobile device. CTI Technology delivers a full range of solutions to help solve some of your biggest business and technology challenges

Whether you need to integrate, expand, or migrate resources to the cloud, our team can help you connect everything securely and efficiently so you can utilize the latest and greatest to make your business thrive.

With the help of cloud services, you can achieve the following:

  • Maximize IT investments by reducing capital outlay and paying only for the services you use
  • Respond faster to changing business conditions with fast provisioning and flexible resources
  • Mitigate risk with security policies and procedures, best-in-class practices and proven processes

CTI can assist you to deliver cloud services as follows:

  • Anticipating your potential business and technology needs
  • Managing infrastructure and applications using best-in-class tools and operational processes
  • Bringing the latest in cloud computing technologies; the backend for cloud service
  • Matching your supply of IT resources with your demand for business applications

Data Solutions

Cloud Solutions CTI Technology

Businesses lose millions of dollars worth of data to disasters like viruses, power outages, natural disasters, theft, equipment failure and even simple human error. In many cases, their business had some type of backup system in place, but were shocked to find out it wasn’t working when they needed it most.

Backup and disaster recovery procedures are necessary to protect businesses from experiencing costly data loss expenses. Remote backups are a great way to ensure backups are made consistently by leveraging different technologies. CTI Technology’s  backup and disaster recovery experts will work with you to verify the success of your current backup procedures and help implement a plan that works while providing room for growth.

CTI Technology’s data services encompasses the following activities:

  • Firewall installation
  • IT Security audit and encryption
  • LAN / WAN networking, cabling and wireless networking
  • Remote data backup
  • Disaster recovery

CTI provides services with the following goals:

  • Integrating IT and networking solution to your business
  • Reliable, on-time and within budget implementation
  • Scalability for larger operations for different types of businesses
  • Optimization for robust and high capacity performance
  • Troubleshooting expertise to keep your network infrastructure running smoothly

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