Be Proactive with a Reliable Chicago IT Services Company

Computer problems can cause serious problems throughout your organization. Even minor glitches in your system can leave you struggling to keep up with your usual work responsibilities. More serious computer issues can even bring down your entire system.

You may think that you’re covered by a break/fix contract through a general tech provider. After all, they’re there during the workday. You can contact them whenever an issue crops up, and they’ll send someone out to help take care of it. The reality, however, is that provider does not provide the same high-quality level of support that you would receive from partnering with a reputable company that can help handle all of your IT needs.

When you work with a reliable IT provider, you’ll get access to a number of benefits that a company that focuses on fixing problems simply cannot offer.

1. You’ll experience fewer delays.

Many of the providers who focus on dealing with fixes for problems have a limited number of employees on hand, and they cannot always predict how those employees’ schedules will work or how much support they will need to provide on any given day. When you call in with a problem, your issue will be put into a queue behind all the other callers who have already come in with challenges they need help fixing.

With a full-service IT provider, on the other hand, you will experience much fewer delays overall. That means your issues will get taken care of promptly, rather than leaving your workers twiddling your thumbs while they wait for support to come in and take care of whatever problem they’re facing.

2. You’ll have access to 24/7 support.

Not all IT emergencies occur during normal business hours–especially not with many employees still working remotely, and many of them adapting their hours to meet the needs of their families instead of getting stuck in a single location. An out-of-hours problem can result in serious challenges: inability to get back into your system, for example, or simple inability to access the support you need. Remote employees who frequently work odd hours may have a hard time getting their IT challenges taken care of since they may not be on-site or even working during the hours when your IT support is typically available.

A full-service IT provider is available when you need them. No matter when your employees call in, they can access the help they need. As a result, you will end up with more productive employees, less downtime, and greater overall customer satisfaction.

3. Your IT team will be proactive about handling any challenges that might come your way.

Full-service IT support isn’t just about addressing problems once they have had a serious impact on your business. Many IT problems are avoidable as long as your IT provider addresses them ahead of time. Do you have a system that needs an update–either to the software or hardware? Is an app that you use on a regular basis having a security problem that is impacting an increasing number of people? A full-service IT team won’t just address those problems once they become serious issues that can slow down your employees, decrease the quality of your customer service, and lead to immense downtime and lags. Instead, they’ll work with you to ensure that you know what problems you may face in the near future, what solutions you have for resolving them, and how those solutions are likely to work out for your business down the road.

4. A full-service IT team can help take care of all of your business’s IT needs.

Full-service IT support isn’t just about ensuring that when something breaks, it gets fixed quickly–though that’s certainly part of the process. When you connect with an IT service provider, you can create an arrangement for them to provide all the IT support your business needs to reach its goals, including:

Basic tech support

Basic tech support is critical for your business. Your employees need to know who to call and how to address any potential problems with their equipment quickly, preventing unnecessary downtime and keeping them up and running. From forgotten passwords to a glitch that doesn’t seem to resolve itself with a simple reboot, basic tech support can help manage those problems.

Update support

Most software updates on a regular basis as developers put together patches and arrange for additional features that can help make that software easier to use. Maintaining those updates can help improve the overall functionality of your software and apps as well as closing any potential security holes that a hacker could use to break into your business. A full-service IT team can manage those updates effectively, ensuring that your business does not lag behind.

Hardware support

Your hardware is a critical part of your technology infrastructure. A full-service IT provider can help with overall hardware management, from fixing problems with your devices to ensuring that you have warning before legacy systems become overwhelmed by the growing tech demands of your business.

Network support

Your network is made up of a lot of important parts. Keeping it running smoothly means that your business runs smoothly–and a full-service IT provider can help ensure that your network is as effective as possible.


Cybersecurity has become an increasing concern for many businesses in recent years. Good cybersecurity is no longer optional: it’s a critical part of keeping your business running and avoiding potential threats. A full-service IT provider can manage your existing cybersecurity and ensure that you upgrade it as needed.

Do you need a full-service IT provider who can help support all the IT elements of your business, from the early-tier tech support that can help people solve forgotten password issues to the advanced cybersecurity monitoring and protection your business needs to stay safe in an increasingly dangerous online society? We can help. Contact us today to learn more about our tech support options and how they can help transform your business and avoid many of the delays associated with using a service provider that provides only break/fix support.

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