How To Use Microsoft Edge’s New Tab Groups Feature

The tab groups feature is a function within Edge that enables you to group open tabs together with one click and label them with a custom name and color. I

If you often get frustrated juggling between tons of open tabs when browsing, you can now leverage Microsoft Edge’s new tab groups feature to keep track of your open tabs and stay more organized. The valuable feature, which first appeared in September 2021 with the Version 93 of the browser, was detailed alongside other new tools, including new shopping and vacation planning features that make it easier to access reviews and customer ratings. Notably, tab groups have been available on Edge for some months now as an optional feature, but Microsoft is making it a widely accessible feature for all users. This blog takes a look at how to use the Tab Groups feature.

What Is Microsoft Edge’s New Tab Groups Feature?

The tab groups feature is a function within Edge that enables you to group open tabs together with one click and label them with a custom name and color. It is a handy tool designed to help heavy browsers organize their chaotic sessions. It allows users to group or cluster their tabs together with a title, so they navigate Edge, which is much easier. The feature also enables users to collapse groups and make more room for additional tabs.

It is a beneficial feature that allows you to keep your professional work and person tabs separate while ensuring you easily identify the tasks you are currently working on from the rest. The functionality itself is quite identical to that of Google Chrome and other Chromium-based platforms.

How to Use Microsoft Edge’s New Tab Groups Feature

Follow the steps outlined below to leverage the tab grouping function:

  • Step 1: Hold Ctrl and left-click a selected number of tabs you are grouping.
  • Step 2: Right-click and select the “Add tabs to new group” button
  • Step 3: You can give names and distinct colors to your tab groups to ease identification. Additionally, minimize the tabs to reduce clutter and create room for other tabs.

Microsoft has also provided a tab preview function that lets you sneak a peek at the tabs you are hovering over. This is a valuable feature that eases identification whenever you have opened too many tabs that look similar. The preview functionality helps you navigate to the one you need quickly.

Microsoft Edge’s New Customer Review Feature

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft has also added a couple of other features new to Edge this September, including a new shopping feature on Edge that makes it easier to review a product and make informed buying decisions. The Edge’s new time-saving shopping feature is a valuable tool that allows you easy access to expert reviews and customer ratings for over 6 million products directly from the address bar. For you to leverage this new feature, browse for a product at your favorite online store and click on the blue tag icon on the address bar. A dropdown window offering “expert online reviews” from trusted sources will appear. The review feature also provides an average star rating for several retailers.

Microsoft Edge’s New Built-In Travel Recommendations

Edge now has new built-in travel recommendations that allow you to look up flights and hotels, read suggestions of places to visit and things to do at your planned destination. Currently, this feature is only available in the US and other selected booking sites. However, Microsoft revealed that it will soon make the feature available in other locations across the world. The new tool will remember your previously entered flight preferences when you are reviewing different booking sites.

Getting the New Microsoft Edge

You need the new Microsoft edge to maximize the new tab group feature and the other new features discussed above. The new Microsoft Edge is built on top of Chromium. It is a versatile platform available for Windows 7, 8, 10, iOS with a Linux version and Android. If you don’t have the new Microsoft edge yet, here is how to get one:

  • Go to the Microsoft Edge download page and click the Download button for Windows 10 or click the dropdown to select the Operating System you want to install it on. Keep in mind the links for mobile versions will redirect you over to the suitable app store.
  • Run the installer and decide whether you are importing data from Google Chrome or starting afresh. If you want to start on a clean slate, click on the button that reads Continue without importing. Click the more import options link if you need additional options. Select the type of data and browser you want to import to the new Edge from the options provided (Google Chrome, Microsoft internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox.)
  • Configure your new tabs by choosing any of the three different layouts (Inspirational, Informational, and Focused). The layout you select can be changed later in settings.
  • Next, configure how you want your data to sync to other devices that you are signed onto with your Microsoft account. By clicking the next button, the platform automatically syncs saved passwords, addresses, favorites, and more. If you don’t want to sync browser data, toggle the switch to No.
  • Click the Customize sync settings link to select the data to sync and choose the items to include and leave.
  • Select to either keep or disable Microsoft’s personalized ads, news, search, and other items on the final screen. Although Microsoft has enhanced the privacy aspect of the new browser, it still leveraged it to make money from advertising. If you don’t want to share your browsing and search history, flip the switch to No.
  • Finally, when you have completed this process, click the Confirm button. Now you can browse on the new Microsoft Edge and start enjoying the benefits of the platform’s new tab groups feature. If you are familiar with chrome, it will be quite easy to use Microsoft Edge’s new tab groups feature.

Finally, the new tab grouping feature is undeniably crucial for your productivity, especially if you are a heavy browser. Having too many tabs open at once ultimately slows your speed as things gradually become confusing with every added tab. Once you give this new feature a try, you will find organizing and managing your projects much easier. Additionally, you will feel less overwhelmed and more reenergized to complete tasks quickly. If you have any questions or need help to download new Microsoft Edge or use the new Edge grouping feature, don’t hesitate to contact CTI Technology.

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