Why Law Firms in Chicagoland are Transitioning from Windows PCs to Macs

Chicago’s legal landscape is evolving with a notable shift as law firms transition from Windows PCs to Macs. Dive into the reasons, from tech superiority to strategic foresight, that are driving this pivotal change in the Windy City’s legal sector.

The Great Shift: Why Law Firms in Chicagoland are Transitioning from Windows PCs to Macs

Law firms in Chicago and its environs have always been at the forefront of technological change. Their reliance on technology is paramount for professionals who handle complex litigation, mergers, and other legal matters. As the tech landscape shifts, there’s a significant movement from Windows PCs to Macs among these legal heavyweights. Why is this change taking place, and what benefits are these firms seeking?

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IDC’s Insight on the Mac Movement

The International Data Corporation (IDC), a renowned research firm, has illuminated some vital trends that every attorney in the Chicagoland area should be cognizant of. Their prediction is bold – there is an anticipated 20% increase in the number of Macs sold to business users globally from this year to 2024.

Their analysis highlights that while the overall PC industry has yet to revert to its pre-pandemic splendor, a significant shift is coming. Interestingly, while the consumer markets remain relatively subdued, growth comes from the commercial and enterprise sectors. The implications of this for Apple are promising. As Apple delves further into its M-series silicon for Macs, steady market gains are observed.

Unpacking the Market Shift

The commercial PC sector is buzzing for several reasons. One is the processor dynamics. Historically, the shifts in commercial PCs are largely unprecedented. With AMD boasting an 11% share in 2022, Apple has garnered just over 5% in the same year.

But what’s causing this shift? Apple’s strategic development of its processors is a key factor. Their move to introduce Macs powered by the third generation of the M-series processors is notable. These high-performance chips can run Macs, Windows, and different Linux variants. This adaptability, coupled with their energy efficiency, has made them increasingly attractive for businesses.

Enterprises today are becoming more astute. With the surge in mobile device usage, any tech provider lacking a substantial mobile technology footprint risks irrelevance. Microsoft, for instance, doesn’t have as significant a mobile tech presence as Apple, and their portion of enterprise PC sales is likely to wane. Another pivotal moment will be in 2025 when Microsoft concludes support for Windows 10. Business users, including law firms, will weigh their options at this juncture, with many likely pivoting to Apple hardware.

Ryan Reith, IDC’s group vice president, encapsulated this sentiment aptly, stating, “Apple surely sees an opportunity to burgeon its growth in the commercial segment.”

Anticipating the Future

While it’s true that predicting the future with pinpoint accuracy is elusive, some indicators from Apple cannot be ignored. Their M-series Macs have replaced the previous Intel machines and surpassed them in performance. The pandemic’s timing and Apple’s innovative strides meant that businesses could provide their employees with efficient laptops for remote work.

Apple’s strategy seems to be paying off. The company isn’t merely resting on its laurels after the M-series Macs. Instead, it’s forging ahead, gearing up to offer three M-series versions – good, better, and best.

Their competitors are invariably playing catch up as Apple continues to dominate in performance metrics.

The Road Ahead for Law Firms

Attorneys in Chicago should keep a close watch on Apple’s progress. As IDC’s forecast suggests, with a 20% growth in Mac sales to businesses by 2024, this is more than a passing trend. Apple’s consistent innovations and the looming end of support for Windows 10 make the move to Macs not just viable but perhaps essential for law firms wanting to stay ahead.

Moreover, as law firms grapple with sustainability goals, switching to Mac offers a promising route. Firms can bolster their sustainability narratives from energy conservation to using recycled materials by opting for Mac.


For attorneys in Chicagoland, the switch from Windows PCs to Macs is more than just a change in hardware preference; it’s about aligning with the future. Apple’s technological prowess, industry trends, and sustainability benefits make the Mac a compelling choice for any forward-thinking law firm. While no one can predict the future completely, the signs are unmistakable. Macs are not only here to stay, but they’re set to dominate the commercial and enterprise PC landscape.

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