The concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is becoming increasingly more accepted in the corporate world. With mobile technology penetrating virtually every professional industry, there has been a call for flexibility in one’s schedule by enabling employees to work remotely and access business data on a personal device.

From a management standpoint, this can be desirable as the company can save on travel and energy expenses while employees don’t have to worry about a commute and can enjoy a more pliable schedule without being confined to a traditional workplace.

However, there is a natural security issue in that business officials must ensure that devices accessing a corporate network are valid and will not present a security risk that could damage the integrity of a company’s operation.

Responding to this issue, Avaya recently released Avaya Identity Engines 8.0, which provides authorized individuals with secure and controlled access to their professional network.

For example, with the Ignition Access Portal, BYOD administrators can enjoy auto registration as well as device fingerprinting so that IT staff can tell the exact profile of a device attempting to access a network, and grant appropriate permissions based on that data.

Moreover, the Ignition CASE Client allows devices without the proper certificates to access the network in a limited way by configuring the technology in an instant and then dissolving once that limited access period has ended.

“IT consumerization is creating a real headache for companies around the globe” said  Zeus Kerravala of ZK Research. “Unfortunately BYOD has incorrectly become synonymous with mobile device management, which is only one part of the solution. Once a device has been on boarded, then what? How does one manage security, management, user experience, network flows? Avaya is the company that is stepping in with a true, holistic BYOD proposal that covers all the pieces.”

Companies in Illinois interested in facilitating the most secure BYOD program possible would benefit from partnering with a Chicago IT services partner such as CTI Technology that is authorized to resell Avaya products.

Unfortunately BYOD has incorrectly become synonymous with mobile device management, which is only one part of the solution.

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