It is impossible to deny that the internet has become a major part of everyday life. From email to video conferencing, business operations to gaming, over the last two decades, the Web has changed how we do just about everything. Now, as mobile devices take these capabilities to new heights, wireless networking is also growing in demand.

Search provider Google, who also offers a wireless cabling solution, has signed a deal with Douglasville, Georgia, to provide wireless internet to the downtown plaza areas and two local parks. The deal is part of a Wi-Fi Network Grant Agreement and a Promotional Agreement with Google.

“It is an exciting time with the city of Douglasville,” said Mayor Harvey Persons. “What we’re able to do here will allow us to do many things. It allows us to promote the city with all the benefits that we have with being able to have Wi-Fi. It is a tremendous asset.”

These kinds of widespread wireless rollouts are not limited to small cities like Douglasville. Chicago and Mayor Rahm Emanuel have spent the better part of the last half of the year laying out a plan to make the city the most connected in the world. This will be accomplished by a widespread, free public wireless internet plan.

Of course, for any system like this to work correctly it takes much more than just going to the nearest electronic store and buying a fancy Wi-Fi router. Businesses specifically need to take extra care with any form of wireless solution that they may choose to implement, as a mistake could cost much more time and money than originally planned.

An experienced IT consulting firm like CTI Technology can ensure any new networking and cabling solution is handled properly.

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