The ShoreTel Dock is a new device that allows users to integrate their smartphone or tablet devices into their workstation. The ShoreTel Dock gives users the ability to take advantage of traditional phone capabilities such as high quality audio, always-on power, and ergonomic comfort. These benefits give a worker the power to improve their productivity and use the device they please while they are working.


ShoreTel’s IP Telephone Systems

Working in conjunction with ShoreTel’s IP Telephone Systems and the ShoreTel Mobility app, the ShoreTel Dock is designed to turn your Apple mobile devices into a traditional desk phone displaying a dial pad, speakerphone, and other useful tools.

By simply connecting your iPhone or iPad into the docking cradle, you are ready to begin making calls and getting things done.

Unified Communications Solution

iPads and iPhones can now be used as a productivity tool in the workplace due to ShoreTel’s new device. Workers can click their devices into the dock and get all the benefits of a desk phone including:

  • Handset
  • Keypad
  • Speakerphone

The ShoreTel Dock is an innovative solution that transforms your iPad or iPhone into a simple, easy-to-use communication device. The dock instantly transforms your devices into a desk phone giving you the power of a business-communications system.

Simplified Work Space

Rather than having the normal work space cluttered with devices, cords, desk phones, and headsets, you can simplify it down to just a ShoreTel Dock and your Apple device.

You simply slide the iPhone or iPad into the device and instantly obtain the infinite battery life and high quality voice of a desk phone that comes with most business communications packages from other companies.

ShoreTel Mobility is dedicated to empowering their customers in the business world to be more productive when they are working at the desk. Workers who currently use mobile devices want to start utilizing productivity tools made for these devices because they carry them around wherever they go.

The ShoreTel Dock eliminates the lack of a traditional desk phone and restores the conveniences associated with having one in your work place, while still enabling you to use your Apple devices in your everyday working matters.

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