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IT Services for Doctor Offices

Those who work in healthcare fields are tasked with glorious purpose – to provide patients with exemplary care in order to fight injury and illness and preserve overall health. When doctors do their jobs, they can take pride in healthy, happy patient populations, knowing they are partly responsible for improving the lives of those in their care.

Doctors need to be taken care of, as well, and a reputable and trustworthy organization like CTI can offer the expertise and support services that help doctors offices to run smoothly. With the right IT services for doctors offices, medical professionals can focus on what really matters: patient care.

You can save time and money, streamline operations, add convenience for staff and patients alike, address security concerns, and gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a trusted IT partner like CTI working on your behalf. Here are just a few of the many benefits you’ll gain by outsourcing your IT needs.

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Expert IT Services for Doctors Offices
Whether an office has internal IT staff or no dedicated IT workers to speak of, the IT services offered by a reliable and experienced organization like CTI can deliver positive outcomes. As a leader in managed IT services, CTI is uniquely qualified to offer guidance, implementation, and ongoing monitoring and maintenance services to doctors offices seeking assistance with their every IT need.

CTI provides hardware support, networking solutions, cloud services, IT security, and more. Are you having trouble keeping your hardware and software up-to-date with routine maintenance? Do your storage, sharing, and network solutions provide the functionality and ease-of-use you need to streamline your operation? Are security and patient privacy priorities you’d like to address? With the aid of CTI, you can augment your current IT department with a team of experts or gain a fully-functional IT department in an instant.

Healthcare professionals are required to observe extremely high standards when it comes to patient privacy. In addition to complying with federal, state, and local privacy laws, doctors offices must also maintain HIPAA compliance, and this means finding an IT service provider that is versed in HIPAA standards.

CTI is committed to offering comprehensive IT services for doctors offices, including strategies and technological solutions that meet all applicable standards for protecting patient privacy. By partnering with doctors offices, CTI gains crucial knowledge needed to meet specific needs for networking and security. When cookie-cutter solutions simply won’t work, CTI offers the expertise needed to create targeted solutions that guarantee compliance.

Controlled Costs
In any business setting, the bottom line has to be considered. Although medical professionals understand the importance of hiring qualified IT service providers, they still have to operate within a set budget.

CTI has doctors covered with comprehensive service and support plans and predictable costs. You never have to fear an outrageous and unexpected bill containing hidden costs. Up-front pricing is one of the many reasons to choose CTI’s IT services for doctors offices.

24/7 Monitoring and Support
In addition to providing the networking and cloud-based services needed to carry your company into the future, as well as the maintenance and security that will protect your practice and your patients, CTI offers monitoring support services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You never have to worry about threats to your system with round-the-clock monitoring designed to catch and stop threats before any harm can be done. You don’t have to worry about downtime when systems are running smoothly and you have on-call assistance to address any issues you may face.

IT services for doctors offices need to be specialized to meet the basic needs of healthcare providers, but they must also be tailored to your practice’s particular needs. Partnering with the trained and caring experts at CTI gives you the opportunity to focus on your own area of expertise and provide patients with the best possible care.

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