Keep Hackers Away from Your Business with Managed IT Services in Schaumburg

There are many things that you can use managed IT services in Schaumburg for. You already know that you can count on them for telephone support and help desk tasks, but did you also know that they can help keep your company safe from hackers?

You probably think you’re safe from hackers if you’re like most people. After all, you have your virus scanners in place, you’ve taught your employees that they shouldn’t open any attachments, and you have a firewall. Surely hackers can’t get into your network, right? Unfortunately, that’s not true. You’re still likely very vulnerable, but your managed IT services provider in Schaumburg can help. First, however, you should learn how hackers can access your business network.

They Can Access Your Network Through Your Website

Anyone who has an Internet connection can access your businesses website. However, for all the good people who are visiting, there are a few bad ones. These bad ones, or hackers, aren’t looking at your site to see what types of goods and services you offer. Instead, they’re looking for vulnerabilities in your site. These hackers are professionals, and any crack in the wall of your websites is an easy way for them to get in.

They Can Access Your Network Through Your Employee’s Mobile Devices

Another way a hacker can access your network is through the mobile devices of your employees. Hackers know that these devices are usually not locked down, and the average person doesn’t know how to truly protect their phones and tablets. In other words, the same devices your employees are using to access sensitive company data is an open door for hackers.

They Can Access Your Network Through an Unsecured Network

How confident are you that your network is fully secure? Do you even know anything about the security of your network? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t, because it likely doesn’t fall into the realm of your job description. Odds are good that your connection is secure, but any small opening is the perfect opportunity for a hacker to get in… and that’s exactly when a hacker will make their move.

They Can Access Your Network Through Your POS System

Not all companies use Point of Sale (POS) systems, but if you do, you’re giving hackers one more way to access your network. The truth is, if you’re using a POS system, it doesn’t matter how strong your network is. What matters is how easy the software is for hackers to attack. Most of the POS systems out there have weaknesses, and you can be sure that hackers will know about them, even if you’re doing your best to keep them secure.

So, what do you do to keep yourself, your staff, your customers, and your business information safe? The best thing to do is to talk to a company that offers managed IT services in Schaumburg, like CTI Technology. We can help make your network as secure as possible, as well as provide other IT services to help your business thrive. Contact us today to learn more.

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