The decision making process for large investments, especially in the business landscape, can be complicated. This problem is compounded when executives incharge of the final say lack the knowledge to make an informed decision.

To show how poorly this kind of situation can turn out, we are lucky enough to have the first hand account of a VoIP implementation from a small business. In a recent article from the New York Times, Ami Kassar, the CEO of MultiFunding – a small business and lending company – recapped his frustrating experience.

Originally the company was using a cloud system that routed phone calls to employee's smartphones. Kassar started the process by contacting a number of large vendors until finding the one he thought would work best. The sales rep talked him into a traditional analog service over a VoIP phone system.

Kassar, along with his office assistant, visited several stores until they could find the phone and switchboard combination that was required for the system to work. When the vendor's technician arrived two days later, he informed Kassar that the sales rep provided false information and installation could not be completed.

Growing angry with situation, Kassar filled out a request online for additional VoIP information and had his contact information sold to a lead generation company, which lead to numerous sales reps contacting him. Again, he shifted through the proposals, found the one he wanted and invested. Unfortunately they hit another snafu. This time, the sales rep did not mention the wireless adaptors needed and again the systems had to be abandoned.

In the end, Kassar returned both systems and went back to using the original system. This kind of hassle and loss of time and money could have been prevented with the help of an experienced IT consulting firm like CTI Technology. By partnering with a trusted solution provider, Kassar could have selected the solution he wanted while having the support needed to install the system on the first try.

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