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ShoreTel IP Made Simple

ShoreTel IP phone systems provide total solutions to business enterprises that require all the PBX features supported in a single solution. The modular design of IP phone systems – with built-in unified communications (UC) capabilities – make them ideal to all types of business ventures, right from home offices to small, medium, and large business corporations. It is easy to operate IP phone systems with a wide range of compatible IP-PBX supporting Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), thus offering the customers multiple choices in enterprise communication systems. ShoreTel IP phone system integrates video conferencing, IM and online collaboration and provides the following business benefits:

Cost related benefits:

  • Reduced long distance expenses and eliminating third-party conference services
  • Reduced costs for wiring
  • Lower equipments costs because of standardization
  • Cost savings because of IP based calls – a shared data network supports both control/signaling and bearer
  • Less travel cost
  • Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the industry

User benefits:

  • High call quality, availability and reliability using ShoreTel communicator, 99.999% availability
  • Availability of dial tone and a suite of PBX services
  • Web based configuration and management interface using ShoreTel Director
  • Less expensive
  • Receive and make calls via standard PSTN
  • Move offices within an enterprise.

ShoreTel IP phone systems have several special features like caller ID based preference routing, multiple call redirection destinations and events, and facility to operate on different operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is also possible to integrate mobile phones with the IP phone systems. Call recording could be system initiated or user initiated. Conversion from voicemail to email, multiple trunks for each domain, etc. are also possible. Strong security support is available in all IP phone systems with features like media encryption, provisioning for HTTPS, various types of password policies, automatic blacklisting, etc.

CALLTELE is a leading provider of IP phone systems featuring state-of-art functionalities that cater to the requirements of various types of business ventures, irrespective of their sizes. Our technical team would be able to provide you complete details on our unique IP phone systems and their benefits to your business in terms of cost savings and performance enhancement.

Article on: ShoreTel IP Made Simple


ShoreTel IP phone systems provide total solutions to business enterprises that require all the PBX features supported in a single solution.

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