Every business needs to educate employees on Cyber Security. Employee Cyber Security Awareness Training tends to be a challenging task for companies to implement. Unfortunately, the training does not always line up as a top priority for all employers, which puts these organizations at risk for malicious activity. There are many different avenues that an organization can take to educate employees on the importance of securing the company’s data from malicious activity, it’s just a matter of being consistent with the training to make sure everyone understands it.

Many people in all different business roles believe that they will never encounter hackers and are at zero-risk. Unfortunately, cyber-attacks can affect all people if they are not careful or properly trained. All users are at risk for an attack, even if it has never happened to them before. Therefore, it is highly recommended for business leaders to educate themselves on the importance of Cyber Security to provide the proper training to all employees, which will help protect the company’s valuable data.

In many known cases, if an employer gets attacked by a cyber-criminal due to an employee not being trained properly, their entire business may need to be temporarily or even permanently shut down. The untrained employee may have received and clicked on a malicious email allowing a hacker to place a ransomware software on the device, which would block every user from granting access to the company’s data, stopping production until the ransom fee is paid to the thief. Companies that were previously impacted by a hacker may not have recognized the importance of security training. They may have prevented the ransomware from occurring had they been proactive with educating all staff before the attack.

Suppose the organization is unable to afford the ransom fee. In that case, the organization is then forced to shut down, causing many job losses and bankruptcy, all because of the lack of training and a human error allowing a hacker into the network with a simple click or download. This example is often a real-life scenario in which every business leader should take seriously. Proactively educating employees on identifying malicious activity can avoid losing jobs and potential closure of a business.

When employers choose not to provide the proper training, it opens so many doors for malicious activity. Cyber Attacks are increasing in size and sophistication, causing employees to be more targeted. Former studies show that 90% of data breaches are caused by human error because the user was not properly educated.

Identifying what training needs to be delivered is an obstacle that organizations face when implementing security awareness training. It is recommended to reach out to CTI Technology who is a Managed IT Service provider that offers clients training sessions through group presentations and also simulates Phishing campaigns to help educate employees on different ways to fall victim to a virtual attack. In addition to employee training, it is also essential to pay close attention to all visitors or disgruntled employees, as the thief may unknowingly be inside the organization.

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