Business meetings are an essential part of how many companies run. Sharing information, brainstorming sessions and executive meetings are happening every day in conference rooms around the country. However, as remote workforces become a larger part of daily business and more companies of any size can communicate with vendors and clients across the world, it's crucial to ensure proper communication still takes place.

This has led many companies to look into solutions like VoIP phone systems, unified communications, smartphones and video conferencing systems. Now, it is not unheard of for an employee at a convention in California to pick up a smartphone and video chat with the executive board back in the home office in Chicago.

A few years ago, this would have seemed like something right out of an episode of Star Trek. Now it is a standard feature on many smartphones and tablets right out of the box. Organizations from the largest fortune 500 to the smallest mom and pop corner store and everything in between are taking advantage of this technology.

Video conferencing in action

To see how video conferencing is changing the way people communicate and more, look no further that the classroom. According to a recent article in the environmental blog Mother Nature Network, virtual field trips are a growing use of the technology.

Thousands of students have gone on "incursions" to the zoo, opera house and museums all around the globe, without leaving the classroom. It is also opening up an entire new world for disabled students that would not have been able to go on these trips had the locations been around the corner from the school.

Companies that are looking to embrace video conferencing and other business communication tools would be wise to partner with an IT consulting firm like CTI Technology to ensure they are getting the most out of any solution.

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